Hong Kong Travelogue: Tai O Fishing Village, Lantau Island

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I'm back here to drop another post for Hong Kong, and this time round I'm gonna be sharing a little more on our short half day trip out to Lantau Island, and specifically Tai O Fishing Village! I realized that this trip to Hong Kong saw me/us spending half the time outside of all the urban scape because well, we already have that in Singapore. That said, I guess this is what made my second trip to Hong Kong a little more refreshing! ^^

Well, Lantau Island is a pretty popular island for a day trip out of Hong Kong, since there is the famous Tian Tan Buddha, Ngong Ping Village and other attractions for people to visit. Tai O Fishing Village probably isn't that much a stranger to many people, but it was my first time there so I guess it's normal to feel excited right? hehe

We headed there during late afternoon to evening, in hope of being able to catch the sunset that day but sadly, the cloud cover was way too high for us to see any sun! Most people head here in the day/early noon for all the fresh and live catch from the fishermen, so by the time we got there it was already pretty quiet but it was a great time for strolling around. The good thing is, we probably didn't miss out much because we managed to see all the live catches by the fishermen when we were in Sai Kung! I've done up a vlog for the trip which you can view here:

Sweater from Mgplabel

It being a really quiet (and freaking cold) afternoon, we took a stroll in the village and this is a place I would totally recommend for people who just wanna take a break from the city bustle during the off peak season. (I can only imagine the place being the total opposite during peak tourist season lol)

We also managed to try a few local delicacies here, such as the egg waffle from a very humble mama shop and also grilled dried seafood!

Our random stroll around the place got us visiting the Lantern Cafe for a short while, and we were greeted by the sweetest and most hospitable cafe owners ever. Trust me, you'll get a shock by how nice they are considering you're in Hong Kong where many locals aren't the most polite people you'd meet LOLLOL. At one point we were wondering if they were gonna kidnap us cos they were sooooo nice BUT NO LA HAHAHA They're just being really welcoming hosts! So do drop by for a coffee or some snacks if you're there, and the place boasts a really nice view of the surrounding stilt houses.

It was also here we managed to get a photo taken by the lady boss! :)

Apparently you can also dolphin watch at the observatory but the weather wasn't in our favour that day so we didn't try our luck with that. I guess I would still recommend you guys to head here in the morning - early noon before setting off to other attractions in Lantau Island to make full use of your day trip out! Otherwise, you might get a little bored and find this place underwhelming by the overwhelming amount of serenity and tranquility this place has to offer in the late afternoon (which I didn't mind)

Sweater from Mgplabel, Tights and sneakers from Adidas SG

Getting to Tai O Fishing Village:
Take the MTR to Tung Chung Station, followed by bus 11 at Tung Chung bus terminus all the way to the last stop! Total journey is around 2 hours :)

Till next time, and the next travelogue's prolly gonna be my Italy trip!!! Hehehe

Xin Lin

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