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Over the past year, famous Japanese skincare brand FANCL made its return to Singapore! Known for skincare products that contains 100% No Preservatives and harmful additives, I'm glad that the brand is back in town and its products are gentle yet high performing.

Little is known about the brand and its brand story to me prior to the re-entry into Singapore market, but I'm glad that through this collaboration with them, I got to learn a lot more about FANCL, from its heritage to brand story!

I was lucky to get my hands on their hero products, and also got to head down to their new flagship store at 313@ somerset for a quick store tour. 

Located at 313 @ somerset (unit number?), it is hard to miss out the store when you are in the area since it is in a really prime location. 

The first thing I've noticed about their products is that their product sizing runs smaller than the usual skincare products. The reason behind this is to ensure that we finish the products within its efficacy period of 60-90 days. I  thought this is quite a brilliant idea because otherwise we will hoard onto our products forever??? 

At the store, you can also receive a complimentary skin diagnosis before picking the products most suitable for your skincare needs and concerns!

The skin diagnosis tests your skin texture and elasticity – this tells you the age of your skin! Followed by the Sebum Oxidation analysis that shows you the size and the conditions of your pores. Finally, moisture checker to test the moisture level of your skin! Now you can address all your skin concerns with the right skincare products!

The Beauty Advisors also explained to me the harmfulness of Preservatives on skin – do you know that the preservative in skincare causes stress to your skin, accelerates aging and stimulates melanin production that leads to the appearance of darks spots and pigmentation?! :O

P/S: You can also download the iFANCL SG app and receive a  $10 e-Voucher and a complimentary hand massage in store!

Now, on to the products and their review...!

I was given the entire range to try and to be frank, I haven't had a day when I used all these products together in a single regime. Reason being my skin is really sensitive so it takes really quite a while for me to introduce new products into my current regime and I usually try them one by one, so if anything goes wrong, I'll know which product is the culprit! :P

First up, the Facial Washing Powder (with foaming ball)

This was my first time using facial washing powders actually so I was pretty curious on how this would work. 

I wet the foaming ball first before applying a 50cent size worth of powder onto the foaming ball before kneading it with both palms to get the foam. Since I was photographing the photos myself, I could only show you guys the end result after foaming the powder and the ball together! You can opt to add more water for it to foam more, but I thought that this amount is sufficient for my face already! (:

The foam texture is super smooth and lightweight too! It cleanses deeply without stripping my skin's natural moisture layer :) 

The Moisturizing Lotion and Moisturizing Emulsion helps to prepare your skin for the later skincare steps and also helps to lock in moisture into our skin respectively. These are lightweight and fragrance free, which are major plus points to me.

Many skincare products do not deliver after a few months because the efficacy period of the active ingredients is compromized due to presence of preservatives. All FANCL products are therefore hermetically sealed to ensures that there will not be any contamination!

"Why spend on a product that doesn't work after 2 months, right?" has been a question I was told about the above.

Next up, is my FAVOURITE product amongst ALL the products that I've tried in the range! The Mild Cleansing Oil!!! This is their best selling product and it took me awhile to understand why, because I was never a big fan of cleansing oils in the past haha.

Previous experience with cleansing oils often leave my skin feeling greasy and that has deterred me from wanting to use cleansing oils. However, this wasn't the case for the FANCL's Mild Cleansing Oil -- there was no greasiness after washing off, and my skin felt really smooth too!

Face with makeup prior to removal

You can directly apply the cleansing oil onto your face without having to emulsify with water first. Gently massage it onto your face, let the make up melt off, rinse with water and voila!!! Clean face ^^ The Mild Cleansing Oil is also made with Nano cleansing particles that helps to penetrate pores and dissolves makeup, and can even be used on the eye and lip area as you can see above :D

Now, I prefer to use this over cleansing water because it is so fuss free and convenient. In addition, I heard that using cotton pads with cleansing water on your skin can actually stretch your skin, causes friction and leads to fine lines and wrinkles :O

Lastly, TENSE UP Beauty Collagen Drink!

Received this at a timely period because I've been wanting to start trying out collagen drinks and if it really works. Tense Up contains Tri-Peptide Collagen and is awarded a patent by the Japanese government. It contains 2600mg of collagen that is the optimum amount that you skin can absorb.

The Production dates are all clearly printed on their products so you will know how "fresh" your product is! Especially so since FANCL products doesn't contain any preservatives and additives, it is super important to use your products when they're still fresh. I mean, it's just like the food we eat right? Since we know we should stay away from preserved food like instant noodle, canned food, the same should also apply for skincare. Nobody wants to be eating rotten beef steak or stale bread right? :)

And just in case you don't know, consuming preservatives in your skincare can lead to increased melanin production, weakening of skin elasticity and also premature ageing of skin T.T

With that, I hope you guys learnt a little more about FANCL since it has been awhile they left Singapore and if you're thinking of which products to try out first, I'll definitely say go for the Mild Cleansing Oil or Facial Washing Powder. But you can always just pop by their store and you'll definitely be well educated on what your skin needs! :) 

Xin Lin

This post is sponsored by Fancl Singapore.

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