Orchard Central: Seasons of Love Market Place

5:00 AM

Valentine's Day may be over, but that doesn't mean the celebration has to end! Like what most couples like to say, if you're in love, everyday should feel like Valentine's Day! At Orchard Central, the Seasons of Love Market Place isn't just for the Valentine's Day, but also at helping you choose an appropriate gift for your loved ones (friends, family, partners, etc) for almost all occasions!

As usual, some of my favourite shops that I love to visit are Fullmask & TotallyHotStuff :P Fullmask to satisfy the beauty needs of all Korean beauty fanatics (I'm a convert too????) while TotallyHotStuff to buy all sorts of interesting stationery/daily items for friends!

Some of the other shops that caught my eyes these time would be the Korean Spectacles from Richard's Atelier!

Here's me trying on one of the spectacle frames from Richard's Atelier! I've been eyeing on this frame for awhile but I think.. it doesn't really suit me LOL I look like a minion :O

Hemant Sahi Designs, one of the shops also available at the Market Place, sells caps and watches at affordable prices! Gifting ideas for the guy? ;)

Besides a variety of gifting ideas at the Market Place, Orchard Central never fails to make its decoration game on point. If OC was a girl, she'll be a fashionista LOL The decorations put up at Orchard Central never fail to intrigue me with its extensiveness and how pretty it looks!

I mean well, you don't need to have a romantic partner to take photos at the seasons of love backdrop. With a bit of creativity, these decorations can be quite fun for photo taking too!

Well, there are also some prizes to be won/redeemed at Orchard Central! You may do so by:

  • Taking part in the Seasons of Love Lucky Draw to win prizes such as $1000 Far East Organization Mall Vouchers (3 sets) & even a 2D1N stay at Rendezvous Hotel Singapore!! (2 sets)
  • Eligibility applies with a minimum spending of $50* & capped at 10 chances per shopper per day :)
  • Spend $250 (maximum 2 same-day receipts from Orchard Central) to redeem $20 Far East Organization Mall vouchers. Limited to first 2000 redemptions only.

The Seasons of Love bazaar and decorations will be available at Orchard Central till 24th February 2016. Do drop by if you're free! :-) Love, Xin Lin

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