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It's been a week since I've returned from Seoul for my winter holiday! I know I haven't really updated about my month long summer trip there, but well, allow me to just share with you all some photos from my recent trip!

A pity I didn't get to see snow though :(

Garosu-gil, Sinsa-dong. This area is well known for their plastic surgery centres/buildings and is the "atas" area of Seoul!

When I visited in Summer, I only walked the main streets but this time round, I decided to walk into the alleys and found many cafes and eateries there!:)

 Hangang River Park. 
Cycling along the Hangang River Park is definitely one of the things I've wanted to do since Summer, and glad to do it this trip though it was freezing cold!! But the scenery was worth it plus you can never get to cycle in such a wrapped up attire and still be feeling cold in Singapore LOL 

Note: there are various stations renting out bikes for free during the day :) 

Insa-dong on my last day. It was freezing cold.
Actual temp that day: -7*C | Feels like: -12*C 
Does this explains how well wrapped up I am now? haha

Gosame Mackerel at Sinchon!!! So good I love this... I LOVE FISH! LOL 
Grilled Mackerel (7,000W) & Stir Fried Spicy Sotong (6,500W THIS IS DA BEST) 
Sorry can't provide directions cos we took a wrong turn and anyhow navigated our way through. 

Pyo Haejangguk. A treasured find near where B stayed at during her exchange.
It's actually called "hangover soup" but well, it's nice to drink even if you're sober lol. Super glad that this trip I got to try even MORE food that I haven't tried before during Summer (didn't think that was quite possible but it happened anyway)

At my fav Soondubu jjigae place!!! Very happy to return here for a meal. Spicy Tofu Stew is one of my fav korean food... I think I had it 3x during this Winter trip LOL. 

I also featured this place in my list of Must Try Food in Korea posted earlier!! After this trip, I think I might need to do up a new list hehe

 If you've read my Dayre you'd know that I actually took a transit flight and had an overnight transit in Hanoi's Airport. First time staying overnight at an airport, plus I was alone. Somethings really you only do when you're young and courageous HAHAHA. The shops at the departure area aren't opened 24 hours, but they opened till around 1am and the staff was really nice to not chase me out when they saw that I was charging my devices in their shop and just told me it's okay and I can stay there :') 

Well, of course I have more photos to share! But I thought these were some of my fav places/memories this trip :) You can read my full travelogue on my Dayre (Dec 10-Dec 18) :-)

Till then, have a great last day of 2015!!!

Xin Lin

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