Grad trip?

5:43 AM

It's 5:30am now and somehow I'm always more active in thoughts and have a strong urge to pen it down here at these kinda timing of the day!!!

Was browsing through various blogs, instagrams, airbnbs and stuff and I realise maybe I should start planning for grad trip next may/june soon?? Because it takes time to save up money also right HAHAHA I've plans to return to Korea this December or next January but hopefully December cos B will still be there then we can travel together a bit?? Plus I've never seen snow in my life before so I really wanna see!!!

For the actual grad trip next year, I've thought of going to the European countries because I've never traveled out of Asia before!!! It'd be such a great opportunity to explore but I'm kinda scared of language barriers? And then there's also Australia/New Zealand that I wanna go to! Simply so many places.... and I also wanna finish traveling Asia in places like Vietnam, Japan that I've never been to.

I really need to fix on a plan for myself soon... so that I can start saving up money for it. It's gonna be 3 different kind of trips probably -- one with friends, one with my parents and one solo! Yes I'm actually planning to save up enough to take my parents somewhere w me LOL cos they hardly travel as well!!! Sigh so that really needs some hardcore saving up.

If any of you reading this has any suggestions on where I can go and stuff, please lemme know!! Will really appreciate it hehe.

Talking about grad trip, I realise this is quite a Singaporean student thing to do? Cos my cousins in Malaysia don't do that... and it makes me realise how privileged we are!!! Okay end of verbal vomit okay time to sleeeeeep

Good night!!:)

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