My First Juice Cleanse with Daily Juice!

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If you guys have already noticed from my Instagram, I recently did a 3-day juice cleanse with Daily Juice!

They had initially arranged for a 3x 1-day juice cleanse over 3 weeks for me, but I felt a little more adventurous and courageous, so I told them to send me 3 days worth straight HAHA I've never done a juice cleanse before!!! And even though my juices were sponsored, I partially decided on the juice cleanse because I've personally tried their juices before previously at The Yoga Co's official housewarming and I liked it! In a sense, I already tried their juices before I got sponsored :) Also do rest assure that every word here is according to my own account and how I feel about the cleanse for myself!

I decided to try out a juice cleanse not because I want to lose weight or be skinnier, I honestly think I am in a size I feel comfortable about even though I'm not perfect-- it's never enough when it comes to beauty, we'll never be satisfied! I embarked on a juice cleanse mainly because I really wanted to "clean" my system because since the holidays started, I've been eatings LOTS and LOTS of junk! I came back from Hong Kong with slight constipation and prior to the holidays, I also seldom eat vegetables in my everyday life.

Sometimes I really dislike my own unhealthy eating habits but thankfully I also do not eat all processed meat and some other fatty stuff like cream, mayo etc. I thought a juice cleanse was timely to help my body "restart" itself.

To be honest, I didn't lose a single kg during my cleanse!!! But the weighing scale doesn't even matter that much to me in the first place. They're just numbers. I used to be crazy about the numbers too but they do not tell you your body's fat and/or muscle composition. Numbers alone doesn't reflect health. I hope girls out there will realise this too!!!

During the 3 days of my cleanse, my bowel system was soooo regular that I think I really got rid of everything hahaha. I didn't lose any weight, but my tummy was definitely flatter, if there is a "physical" change I observe. I found it amazing how I survive those 3 days solely on the 6 bottles of juices sent to me daily! (fine, I did cheat a litttttlllleeeeeee but they were all within the "acceptable" stuff in the guide sent to me! eg green tea)

Let's take a quick look into the 6 bottles I consumed daily for 3 days! (consumed in chronological order)

1) Barnie (Beet, Carrot, Apple, Lemon & Ginger)
This bottle was the easiest to consume because tbh, I wake up every morning so hungry that I'd quickly gulp everything down!!! It is suggested that we prepare ourselves with a cup of lemon water before starting the cleanse :) The beet was of an acceptable taste to me and I actually looked forward to drinking this bottle!

2) Krypto (Green Apple, Romaine, Spinach, Cucumber, Lemon & Parsley)
Because I'm not someone who ever likes vegetables, this bottle was SO HARD for me to finish on the first day when I had it for the first time!!! I literally cringed so badly at the taste of vegetables  (mainly parsley omg) HAHAHA It felt like when I was younger and my mum forced me to eat vegetables when I clearly hated it. The veg taste is very strong in this because well, it's made from veg!! Thankfully, things got better from the 2nd day onwards and I took half the time I took to finish the drink as compared to Day 1 of the cleanse haha

3) B.Smooth (Mixed Berries, Banana, Apple, Natural Yoghurt, Chia Seeds)
I let my friends and mum taste a mouthful of this and they all loved it. Like it's their favourite out of all the sips/mouthfuls I've let them try. I also heard from the owners of Daily Juice that this is a hot and popular selling item in their shop/store! But personally for me, I liked it but it's definitely not my favourite LOL. The sole reason being the banana taste is soooo strong! I know I sound weird but I don't eat bananas so for me, this was tough to be a favourite although I have to agree that the smoothie on the whole tastes really great! Nothing terrible at all, it just feels like you're drinking a normal smoothie! If you're fine with or LOVE bananas, you'd love this definitely!

4) 'Sup doc (Carrot, Pineapple, Orange, Lemon & Tumeric)

Personal fav! This was the bottle I first tried, even before I got started on my cleanse! Everything in this bottle goes well on my palate and for the first time, I think carrot juice can be yummy HAHAHA like... it's such a great mix! And this bottle is very, very filling. Or rather, I happen to always be SUPER HUNGRY right before drinking this bottle and this bottle makes my stomach happy!:)

5) Pepplemint (Pineapple, Apple & Mint)

This bottle is soooooo sweet!!! If I have to rank the 6 bottles, this bottle would be the last on the list for me :( The pineapple taste is too overpowering and sweet, and I can't really taste any mint actually. I always struggle to finish this bottle because it's too sweet for me :'( 

6) White Rabbit (Almonds/Cashew, Himalayan Pink Salt, Agave/Dates, Vanilla, Alkaline Water)
My second fav bottle! I haven't tried nut mylk in my life ever before so tasting this for the first time does feel a little funny! Like being introduced to a new food and being unable to decide whether I like it or not... you get what I mean??? Hahaha but I slowly fell in love with this!!! I even headed back down to Daily Juice to grab a bottle of White Rabbit for myself a week after I'm done with juice cleanse :)

So... actually the juices weren't yucky at all and in fact it's quite nice! It's really just like drinking juice just that you have to solely drink juice only which might be the tough part. I'd get soooo hungry  at 4pm-ish but funnily, at night I always have to force myself to finish my drinks cos I am alr so full!! 

And it's been weeks and i think a month after I've done the cleanse and my appetite has definitely became a lot smaller! I seldom crave for oily/fried/sinful food now and I also eat lesser carbs and all. It really feels like a little rejuvenation for my digestive system :) 

For those who are interested, I'm pretty happy to let you know that Daily Juice's juices don't cost a bomb at all!!! I've seen juice cleanse selling for a few hundreds... But a 1 day juice cleanse is only at $55 and a 3 day one at $163!!! It's much much more affordable than many sites I've seen... Considering on doing another cleanse after I'm back from Korea! Hehe or you can also buy ala-carte bottles of juices from them! They also have a physical store for you to visit which makes everything even better :)

Also, from now till 31st August, simply quote "XINLINxDAILYJUICE" to enjoy 10% off for a la carte juices and cleanse!!

Daily Juice 
20 Lorong Telok #01-01
Opening Hours: Weekdays 8am-6pm


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