10:09 PM

Just one of the days where I feel exceptionally emotional. There will always be days in our life when we begin to feel and wish that we haven't done things that we've done or make the decisions that we've decided to make. (And that if time could rewind, we are not sure if these are the decisions that we'll make again.)

Choices, contemplations, dilemmas. It isn't easy having to answer to yourself. Sometimes we do things opposing our own values and beliefs, against our notion of ideals. That afterall, the last person we'd wish to hurt is actually... ourselves.

My life isn't all that great and perfect and happy as always depicted or imagined by most. I also have days when I feel like shit, where I feel insecure, upset and rethink about life choices. I fear and I break down too. It's only normal because I am also only human. Feelings get raw and it may hurt and eat you up from deep inside. Recollections may haunt. We only gotta learn to be more forgiving on ourselves and all the people we love.

Truth is, whatever decision we made was what we exactly needed and wanted at that very point in time.

And we will get through everyday with more courage and strength, and to be more truthful to ourselves.

To better days ahead. 

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