XINLIN EATS: Sobok, Gamchill, Bamboo Ice Cream (Korea Edition)

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Since I LIVE and LOVE to eat, and can't do without food all the time, I decided to start this XINLIN EATS section which is basically a compilation of food that I have eaten over the past week or so, provided they are interesting! hahaha.

Usually they'll just go onto dayre but I know some of you guys still prefer reading it on the blog and also it is better consolidated here... and of course for the food that I ate to be on the blog after a round of selection on Dayre, it has gotta be something I really like right hehe. You may also read my previous entry on some of the Korean food to try HERE. (Sorry for a very messy compilation, I ain't no food blogger and I tend to get very excited talking about food...)

To kickstart everything, I am gonna feature some of the yummy new food that I tried in Korea earlier in October!!!

Sobok -- Hongdae, Seoul

One thing I learnt from a Korean friend was that Koreans (teens to young adults) are super huge on this whole fusion style of having their food... and Sobok is kinda like one of them? Think soft serve and iced balls, but in Injeolmi flavour!!!

Heard so much rave over this dessert and finally got to try it on the day I met my Korean friend. It was also her first time trying out Sobok and both of us had planned to try Sobok out that day by coincidence.

We order 1 Injeolmi soft serve and 1 Injeolmi iced ball to share... AND OMG I am sold thoroughly by their iced balls?! The injeolmi flavour was pretty strong but in a super pleasant way??? Idek how to put it in words, you have to try it for yourself! They felt quite chewy, but icy at the same time... I love it!!!

The soft serve was nice as well, with a more subtle flavour of Injeolmi as compared to the iced balls. But the smoothness of the soft serve and how it goes well with all the other toppings served... it really is worth that try and a return visit imo.

Had wanted to visit Sobok before I flew back home on my last day in Seoul but it only opens at 1pm so I wasn't fated with it at all :( They also sell green tea soft serve which I've heard good reviews about it too! Prices range around 5000-6000KRW (~$7-$$7.80 sgd)

58 Eoulmadang-ro, Seogyo-dong
Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea
Nearest Subway Station: Sangsu/ Hongdae

Gamchill Fusion Restaurant -- Hongdae, Seoul

I first read a feature of this place through Gillian's dayre but she didn't know what the restaurant name was called. So by chance and by fate, I found this cafe/restaurant on one of those Korean food blogs while searching for nice fusion food places to eat near the guesthouse that I was staying at!

This was quite a rushed meal I remember, for I was leaving for the airport at 1pm, and the restaurant only opened at 12pm! (The website wrote 1130am tho...) I reached at 1145am and waited, and thankfully I did because by 1215pm the place was filled!

The prices weren't steep either, with mains ranging from 9000won to 15000won! The Red Pepper Paste pasta with grilled pork belly and garlic (13,000won) was satisfying and very "new" to my tastebuds! Think samgyeopsal in pasta with gochujang cream sauce... that's what that tasted like! Really recommend this place to you guys! They also serve risottos and many other different kinds of Korean fusion Italian dishes here (: However, there isn't a lot of sitting space so it's better to go in groups of 2-4 (:

23 Dongyo-ro 46 gil
Seoul, South Korea
Nearest Subway: Hongdae exit 3/4
(This place is actually deep in the alleys, and about a 10 min walk from the subway exit and would maybe take about another 5-10min for you to find the place LOL But the good thing is, the inside these alleys are the many hidden great eats in Hongdae!)

Bamboo Ice Cream -- Juknokwon, Damyang

Damyang is well known for its bamboo forests, and yummy strawberry & persimmon farms. I managed to take a day trip out to Damyang (3.5 hours bus ride from Seoul) to visit the Bamboo Forest, some garden (forgot the name) and its vicinity when I was solo traveling!

When I first heard that bamboo ice cream is a "thing" in Damyang, I was like.. "huh bamboo can become ice cream?!"

So I decided to take that leap of faith and forked out that 2000/3000KRW (can't remember the exact amount) of my already depleting wallet and try this famed ice cream LOL. I bought the Bamboo Ice Cream from one of the push carts outside Juknokwon Bamboo Forest and just sat on one of the benches along the road to eat.

Okay lah, it tasted much better than I expected because I had totally ZERO expectations on how bamboo will taste like LOL. In fact, it tasted quite sweet and refreshing to my palate. The texture was an in between of those lok kok ice cream and a soft serve since it was from those push cart kind of ice cream truck you know. HAHAHA. But I'd still say, if you're ever in the area for a day trip, yes, you should try this! (:

Hope you guys have enjoyed this little sharing and hopefully you all will like these too when you head there to try next time!!! (: 

Shall end this post with one of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen in my entire life, taken at Haneul Park, Seoul (where I got lost in the dark for an hour afterwards lol). 

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