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Oh hello there, brows. It's been 2 weeks since I last drew you.

So, after years of being having my eyebrows threaded and tweezed at Browhaus, I finally took the plunge to try out their signature Brow Resurrection (thanks to the team for letting me experience this!)

I've contemplated for a really long time (maybe... 1.5 years?) whether or not to cave in to doing Brow Resurrection, but brushed aside that thought because I always remind myself to be thankful for what I am given. I'm blessed with a rather filled set of brows, just some bare spots here and there to complete the shape. And you know, there's nothing that make up can't fix HAHA. I wasn't exactly super into the whole bold eyebrows trend, so if I ever got down to doing eyebrow embroidery, it has got to be something that is very, very natural, and Brow Resurrection is the closest to that :-)

And of course, I have trust that Browhaus will do a good job for me since I've been a regular of their services, and have also seen many other influencers and friends alike who've done it and they look natural just the way I like it!

Brow Resurrection by Browhaus shouldn't be a stranger to many of you readers here I'm sure. It is done by combining the best techniques, colours and tools to provide a comprehensive treatment for semi permanent brows. On top of Classic and Soft, there are now 2 new additions to the types of Brow Resurrection that one can consider -- Full and Ombre. The Ombre one looks pretty interesting, it's like having gradient brows that look really, really natural and great for the Korean eyebrow look I'd say! But I personally prefer a clean, natural and full look so I opted for Brow Resurrection  Full. 

Tbh, I was quite paranoid right before we started the treatment, because I was so scared that the therapist will give me a shape that I dislike LOL But thankfully, she'll first draw the shape after our "Brow Print" consultation done on an iPad and I got to "vet" through until I was happy with it, and made touch ups along the treatment journey.

Turning into half a crayon shinchan? HAHAHA
Numbing cream is applied before the resurrection process and erm, I think I was already dozing off here zzz 

I have very, very sensitive skin around my eye area and my skin is extremely thin! So my usual high pain tolerance level can't be applied here because I can feel that brazilian waxing isn't painful at all but laser facial is, when it is usually the opposite so you get what I mean... HAHAHA So for me, the process was a little painful, which explains my slight frown throughout... HAHA but nothing stops me from eventually dozing off as long as there is a bed. So I guess I'd rate it a 4 out of 10 in terms of pain level.

I've had friends who felt totally nothing and slept the whole treatment away and woke up feeling all great but everyone's skin condition is different so for me, I did feel the tingling and stinging sensation for a good 1.5 days but it wasn't of much discomfort unless I accidentally touched my eyebrows when bathing or washing my face :) The first night, it did get quite red but it wasn't painful, so I guess it was just my thin and sensitive skin reacting.

This was day 2,

and this is 2 weeks later aka now! It has faded to be really natural, albeit to be frank, a little faster than I wished for it to be, and I haven't been drawing my brows at all ever since, which is great! Of course, you need to take proper care of your brows with their after care kit which can be purchased separately and I shall admit I forgot about it after 1 week =p I will probably go for a touch up next month in order to keep this Brow Resurrection around with me for as long as possible!

I've included below the brow chart for the different types of brow resurrection and the pricing, to help facilitate you guys with the information and decision making! :)

More information available HERE

For my readers, you can also quote my name (XINLIN) to be entitled to a Brow Resurrection Classic treatment at $850 with a free Brow Resurrection kit! 
*valid for new Brow Resurrection customers only, and not applicable for master specialists, until 31 July 2017!

I hope this post has/ will be helpful for you guys, and thank you Browhaus for maintaining my eyebrows for the past few years! ^^

Xin Lin

This post is in collaboration with Browhaus, all opinions stated are my own.

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