Learning about Feminine Hygiene with Betadine

2:44 PM

A few weeks ago, I got acquainted with feminnie wash brand Betadine through one of their informative sharing sessions, held at Mundipharma who are the makers of Betadine, on how to better and properly care for our intimate areas.

It wasn’t my first time hearing of a feminine wash of course, I've tried various brand throughout the years of being a lady but let me be hones here, sometimes I'm just soooo lazy though :/ and I don’t exactly have the habit of using a feminine wash because they can get so drying for my skin at the intimate areas so I usually just do without, and go with water.

Fortunately, I learnt that that was the minimum, and the last thing us ladies should be doing is to wash our intimate area using the same wash as we use for our body!!! That’s the biggest No-No because the pH levels between the two (our intimate area and body soap) are different! In fact, 40% of women use body soap to clean our down under, and this can actually facilitate the growth of bacteria especially with the scents, parabens and colourants used in our body soap :O

Think UTI and all other kinds of bacterial infections you can possibly get due to a lack of proper maintenance for our supposed “best friend”, I'm sure most of us would have experienced them some time in our lives before L

The Betadine Daily Feminine Wash is gentle and mild, and helps to maintain a healthy environment for the growth of friendly organisms. Yes, our intimate areas do need bacteria as well – but we gotta be clear in knowing the difference between good and bad bacteria J

With the use of their 3 key ingredients, the Immortelle as a natural antioxidant, Syricalm to relieve itching and for soothing & Deoplex to neutralize any unwanted odour, this unique Tri-care formulation adopted by Betadine helps provide protection against our feminine discomforts, and also occasionally embarrassing situations (think heavy discharge stains and odour).

I incorporated the daily feminine hygiene wash into my daily shower routine after the session for about 2 weeks and I definitely did notice certain changes to my intimate area – the discharges got healthier and my skin also wasn’t overly dry from the usage of the wash! Personally, I prefer the wash over the foam as I find it more gentle than the foam, without stripping off any moisture off my skin!!!

Of course, the feminine wash isn’t a magic product that solves all our woes and problems with regards to our vaginal health. This is supplementary to other methods we can adopt such as going for regular annual gynae checks and also maintaining a healthy diet!

It’s time that I stop being lazy and really use my Betadine products regularly now, and I hope you ladies would too! Let’s work towards a healthier feminine hygiene together, and never be too shy to have a conversation about what constitutes a crucial part of our reproductive health J

Oh yes, you can also redeem a free sample for the products to try out for yourself before deciding to purchase one! Simply click HERE to redeem your free Betadine sample now!:) 

Xin Lin

This post is in collaboration with Betadine Singapore.

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