Upcoming Travelogues

4:05 AM

(Taken at Mt Batur, Bali, Indonesia)

Will be dropping a post on my hike up Kawah Ijen later today, before I fly off again.

And I thought, maybe I'll just list down here what are the travelogues that I have upcoming, that you guys can look forward to reading/viewing, as well as to serve as a reminder for myself to be more on the ball with all these backdated travelogues!!!

1. Kawah Ijen Travelogue

2. Fiji Travelogue (sponsored)

3. Chiang Mai/ Chiang Rai Travelogue

4. Seoul Travelogue (for Laneige Beauty Camp next week!)

5. I also thought maybe I should drop a travelogue for Japan, but my photos are really all over the place and I lost a huge bulk of my photos from my phone since it crashed :( It's really sad because Japan was sorta my grad trip and I really enjoyed the place. Maybe I'll drop a photo blog for that instead. I've also randomly pieced together some clips I found lying around and compiled them into a short 1 min travelogue.

I might also drop a Bali travelogue if I finish all of the above and still feel like doing more travelogues?? HAHA. Recently, I'm pretty into exploring new things. For a starter, maybe I should start practicing and improving my craft on Youtube videos? Idk I always thought hauls and beauty thingums work so much better and so much more easy to understand through a video than mere words. Or rather, they complement each other well too!

Although all these travelogues can be found in detail on my Dayre, I still like to compile and consolidate my trip together for easy referencing next time! And also, hopefully it will be beneficial for you guys :)

Good night for now!

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