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Gonna be sharing and featuring something rather new on the blog today and that's a fashion feature with VeritaJoy!

First heard and know of the blogshop about a year back, where we wanted to work on a collaboration but it didn't work out due to other commitments I had in school then. Fast forward a year, we managed to work something out (this fashion feature) and by this time I already had in mind the style I wanted to feature. 

If you were to ask me, I'd say that the apparels on VeritaJoy caters to the working ladies in the 20s to the early 30s. The clothes are suitable for work wear, adding a pop of colour and/or simple prints to it but nothing too loud or funky. And beyond that, the same piece of apparel can be worn on a date out (first thing to pop into my head is the dress looks presentable enough to meet my other half's family for the first time HAHAHA) and not just limited to work! 

Picked out 4 pieces from a few of their latest collections -- 2 dresses, 1 top and 1 bottom! (simply click on the item name to bring you to the item page straight on VeritaJoy :) )

 Material: Lace, inner lined
Wearing size XS 
Keyhole back detail with a slight flare bottom

This blouse is a staple, for it fits nicely into the categories of casual and smart casual. Pair it with a pair of denim shorts like I did for a casual look, or pair it with jeans for a smart casual outfit to work (if that's the dress code!) I particularly like the back details of this top where the bottom is made slightly flare to create a nicer silhouette of the torso!

2. Magda Peplum Dress in White (other colours available) ($43.90)

 Material: Polyester Mixed
Wearing size XS
Exposed back zip closure

Tbh I wasn't too hopeful when I first took out this piece from the parcel, it looked a little shapeless at first glance. I also was quite apprehensive about picking a peplum piece because I'm not a fan of it since I have a slightly pear shaped body! Thankfully, it fits really well (as you can see from the photos above) and the slight peplum detail and the fit and flare cutting of the dress really did accentuate the lines of the body (wouldn't use curves since I don't really have any hahaha)

Definitely something I'll wear to work next time!!! Or for uni students, this dress is also suitable for presentations! Also quite sure this dress is hard to go out of style so it'd probably make a good investment -- wear for presentation now, then for work in the future haha! Would recommend this dress for the ladies who're less vertically challenged so the length will fit nicely and end right before knee-length :)

3. Edith Classic Culottes in Grey ($29.90)

Material: Polyester Mixed
Wearing size XS
(Personal fav!!!)

Ahhhh I love this pair of culottes! It's finally a pair of (short) culottes that doesn't make me look like an ah pek when I wear it HAHAHA. Its fitted waist and flare ends (making it slightly taking the shape of a skater skirt) makes this piece a very classic piece to own in the wardrobe. I also really love how comfortable this pair of culottes is!!! 

You can wear it for a casual look like I did by simply pairing with a basic tank top, or it'll work really well as a formal work wear w a formal blouse too! Something versatile and a little bit more... playful I'd say if you're wearing this to work! Plus point for it being under $30, making it an affordable piece to own in your wardrobe!

Material: Soft polyester mesh fabric, fully lined
Wearing size XS 
Concealed back zip 

Love this piece for the colour and the mesh fabric, for it makes the piece stand out! It's slightly flare bottom means we can eat without having to be worried of having food babies :) This dress definitely lies more on the feminine side and is sure to make us look youthful with this color and cutting HAHAHA ;) 

Hope my short feature will give you guys a slight insight into the style of clothes that VeritaJoy carries, and hope it'll be a new space where you ladies can spend your paycheck on to buy more clothes for work ^^ 


Xin Lin


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