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Pretty sure everyone knows where IKEA (Alexandra) and Queensway Shopping Centre are located, but did anyone pay attention to the shopping mall in between these two popular places in the Alexandra Road area? You may have missed it, but to many of us budget hunters, Anchorpoint is a gem hidden in the area!

Anchorpoint is actually the first mall in Singapore to introduce the concept of having a cluster of premium brand name boutique outlet stores in Singapore and most of you might already know about this, some of the outlet stores located here are popular retail brands like Charles and Keith, G2000 and Cotton On.

Last month, I was brought on a trail through the mall to explore other offers and deals I could find besides the more popular brands, and these are some of the shops that I visited! These are mainly boutique outlet stores :)

La Trendz (#01-17/18)

Entering the mall from its side entrance at Level 1, it's hard to miss this boutique fashion store. The store is pretty huge and my first impression was: SO MANY CLOTHES. It was really like rack of clothes after clothes hahaha!!!

Besides clothes, they also sell footwear, accessories and kidswear :)

After finally going through most of their clothes, I picked out an outfit to try!

Picked out this jumpsuit because I really loved the design hahaha. One thing I noticed about boutique stores is that they carry designs that are usually… nicer?? They look less "mass produced" if you get what I mean and most of the pieces in La Trendz are made of quality material after having felt most of the clothes while browsing !

Boudoir (#01-23)

Also located at Level 1, Boudoir is a relatively smaller boutique but it was more organised and gave off a very "Korean" boutique vibe!

First thing that captured my eyes in the shop is definitely the glass display full of accessories in the middle of the entire shop!

Was also told that these acrylic necklaces were very popular and the bestselling items in their store:)

Picked out yet another outfit to try here HAHAHA

Clearly, spoilt for choice!

The Royal Runway (#B1-12)

Located at Basement 1, the first things that caught my attention were the necklaces on display and of course... the great prices!!!

How to not be attracted you see? Under $30 in a boutique store is honestly quite a good deal you know. Sometimes you go Bugis Street the clothes $30 also cannot try HAHAHA.

It's a pretty small boutique but it has quite a good variety of clothes to offer, mainly for work wear and their affordable and very chio bags and accessories!

Billabong (#B1-14/15)

I'm sure Billabong needs no introduction. During my younger days, Billabong backpacks and boardshorts were super "in" and all my friends wanted to own a Billabong wallet, Billabong backpacks and wear Billabong boardshorts. Those days when you own something Billabong you are "cool" HAHAHA

It is only when I grew older when I realised that Billabong has so much more to offer other than wallets and pencil cases stuff that makes you cool in school. Hehe. For one, I really like their Bikinis!

At the outlet here, fashion apparel go at a fraction of the original prices and offers both men and women apparel! Every design is also well stocked with sizes (most) so it's definitely quite worth it~

Here's the outfit I picked out and something I'd totally wear to the beach!

Also noticed that there were some kids boutique stores in Anchorpoint so I was also brought there to take a look even though I don't have kids la hahaha (but hope the prices stay this attractive so next time got kids I can come here buy LOLLOL. Is this what they call... financial planning? LOL)

Kids' Premium Outlet (#B1-13)

Selling premium clothes at marked down prices, I can only imagine parents heaving a sigh of relief here??? Because can spend without burning too deep a hole in the wallet!

Richgi (#01-36)

Located at Level 1 and set up at the "Atrium" area, parents should explore the treasures that lie in Richgi!!!

Look at all these ATTRACTIVE PRICES! Hahaha. Anyway correct me if I'm wrong, but I've always had the impression that kids clothes are super expensive because parents are willing to spend on their kids and because there's always a demand cos they grow out of their clothes very quickly, no??

Over here, I found a $9.90 top that's for 9-10 years old kids that I can still fit in perfectly as a (crop) top HAHAHA. So girls, a tip here to save money is to buy tops from kids storeS. If you're really that petite, you might even fit into a dress or shorts la. HAHAHA.

They also sell these sets for gifting and they are only $20 each which I think makes quite a good gift if say you're visiting your friends'/relatives' newborn babies at their place :)

Overall, I was pretty impressed with what the premium boutique stores had to offer, because usually these are stores that we don’t usually take the time to browse at? Maybe... it's just me lah. Hahaha. The next time you're in the Alexandra area either for IKEA or Queensway Shopping Centre, don't forget to drop by Anchorpoint as well! (PS: It's relatively peaceful and cosy on weekdays at Anchorpoint which usually means ahigher chance of F&B offers during high tea time! ;) )

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