Father's Day Gift Guide: Oral-B Power Toothbrush

10:47 PM

As Father's Day is just around the corner, I'm sure many of us are wrecking our brains thinking of what to get for our dads! One has to agree though, buying a gift for a male figure in our lives is so much tougher than getting one for the female. LOL

One of the things that I often look out for when getting a gift for anyone is practicality. Will the gift come in useful to the receiver of the gift? Then it struck me that since young, I haven't really given my dad much gifts. So when I was approached to take up this campaign with Oral B, I was pretty excited because I remember my dad being super attracted to these power toothbrushes' advertisements on TV when I was younger! Such is the power of advertising, eh? Hahaha 

The Oral B Power Brushes helps to remove 100% more plague than manual toothbrushes and it makes your teeth feels clean, as though you're fresh out of a dentist visit! Its dental tool like Oscillating Rotating technology cups each tooth separately for a precise and thorough clean!
My dad was really happy to receive this because he has been eyeing one for himself for so many years but he always super heart pain to spend money on himself on such stuff! I guess most parents are like that, they're willing to spend hundreds on their children but super frugal with themselves :( So I'm glad that he really liked this gift! (btw he is alr smiling in this pic HAHAHAA)

And how can we forget that a dazzling smile is complete with clean, sparkly teeth? ;) LOL but the dad doesn't smile HAHAHA

By the way, you don't know how much pains I went through just to get a shot with my father. We're almost never at home or awake at the same time LOL. (He's been working so hard to feed the family through the years and now I feel ashamed to realize that this is kinda like my 2nd gift to him my entire life :O )

The Oral B Power Brush really makes a great gift for dad IMO, especially for my father who doesn't visit the dentist regularly!!! This is going to help him so much and also minus the pain he gets from the dentist, worth it (Y)

You can get the Oral-B Power Brushes HERE, and a Happy Father's Day to all dads in advance!:)


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