Review: SILKYGIRL Perfect Sharp Eyeliner & Matte Junkie Lip Cream

10:22 AM

When it comes to make up, I'd say eyeliners and lipsticks are quite an essential item for me and something I'll always need! I have dull lips and so a suitable lipstick will definitely add a pop of colour to my entire outfit and make me look awake. Drawing eyeliner instantly completes my look in one simple step on day I feel super lazy to put on anything else hahaha!

SILKYGIRL recently launched a refined version of the Perfect Sharp eyeliner that takes on an improved formula! When I first received the eyeliners, I was like "WHAAAAT am I supposed to draw pink eyeliners???!!!" Hahahaha okay but no really, the pink cap is just part of the packaging! The eyeliner is available in black (:

I've been using liquid eyeliners for the past 6 years and I really like these pen-tip liquid eyeliners in general because of its sharp precision and full control I get. The Perfect Sharp eyeliner's brush tip runs really smoothly on my eyelids and the colour pay off is great too!

I also tried lining my lower eyelids with the Perfect Sharp eyeliner just to test if it really was that precise and gave a good colour pay off. It's actually my first time lining my lower eyelids with a liquid eyeliner without it smudging almost immediately!!! Quite impressed really, and it stayed this way for a good couple of hours at least :)

In addition to the Perfect Sharp eyeliners, SILKYGIRL also recently launched their new range of lip colours -- the Matte Junkie Lip Cream.

If there is one beauty trend that I have observed this year, it's the craze over matte lip colours... just like how every girl was so into the gradient lip trend last year! Of course, being vain that I am (or might be? haha), I also wanted to land my hands on some of the trending matte lip products but I was way too lazy to figure out how to go about doing all the overseas shipping, etc.. lol

Thankfully, many brands available in Singapore caught up with the trend quickly and here I am, being able to join in the matte lip craze!!!

The Matte Junkie Lip Cream comes in 5 different shades: 

These are the initial swatches on my forearms and they look pretty decent, aye? Well, I haven't tried on any other matte lip sticks/creams so there, I can't do a comparison, but I'll just give a review on my first impressions of the products (:

FYI, I'm really super tanned so while many of the lip colours available in the market here suits and look good on the (relatively) fair skin toned girls, they may not really look as suitable for tanned girls :( I've swatched the 5 shades on my lips to see which shade will suit the tanned skin best!

My lips are usually super chapped and dry and the above swatches were done without any prior application of any lipbalm to help "prep" the lips, so I guess it does a pretty decent job in living up to the non-drying formula that it claims.

I thought Shade 01 (Retro) & Shade 05 (Vixen) suited my skin tone best!!! The first photo posted in this entire entry is with the 04 Retro shade. I'd think shade 04 looks pretty decent too but I'd pass for Shade 02 and Shade 03; they look way better on fair skin toned girls haha.

I actually really like how shade 05 adds all the oomph I need in my make-up. Since I rely quite heavily on my lip colours to complete my look!

Also, I tried the "transfer" test using shade 05 since it is the brightest, hence if any transfer happens, it's the most obvious too. SURPRISINGLY, NOTHING TRANSFERRED OVER!!! I swear I did not change tissue paper. It's the same piece LOL.

Before I forget, both the Matte Junkie Lip Cream & the Perfect Sharp Eyeliner are fragrance and paraben free. The Matte Junkie Lip Cream is also carmine-free!

Personally, the Perfect Sharp eyeliner is definitely something that I'd incorporate into my make up routine while for a tanned person like me, shade 01 and shade 05 for the Matte Junkie Lip Cream are the ones I'd re-purchase again!

So, do give these SILKYGIRL products a try soon! :)

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