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I'm gonna be reviewing on a body scrub and mask treatment that I received two months back at Le Queenz :) Yes, this post is super outdated because somehow I couldn't retrieve the photos from my camera but I finally found a way to do it lol!

Le Queenz is a one-stop beauty salon located at Tanjong Pagar Plaza, which is a very central location! When I first stepped into Tanjong Pagar Plaza, I felt a little unsettled because it's a pretty old building but I was reassured after I found Le Queenz tucked away at the end of level 2. The place was very newly furbished, modern and more importantly, clean!

Some of the services provided at Le Queenz include facial treatment (using Germany's No 1 Skincare, Babor), eyebrow embroidery, advanced hair removal service & body scrub and mask! I chose to try out the body scrub & mask treatment this time round because I've never tried anything like that before hahaha.

Upon arrival, I was warmly greeted and welcomed by their brand manager, Jacelyn! She was really friendly and very meticulous when it came to explaining all the services they offered, and when she heard that I haven't had lunch, she went to get me a muffin for me to eat after my treatment!! :O Talk about quality service and going the extra mile for customer.. I'm sure she didn't do it just because I was on a sponsored service but would treat all customers in the same way!

I only managed to do a back scrub and mask treatment instead of the full body one because I forgot to inform them that I was having my period LOL So just a heads up for you ladies if you are intending to try out the scrub and mask treatment! (but this simply makes me want to go back again to try out the full body scrub and mask treatment?? hehe)
A peek into the room that I had my back scrub + mask at

The therapist preparing for my session. Due to privacy reasons, I had to crop most of the photos out. 

Back mask applied on after the scrub... while I had a nice sleep!

Overall, I enjoyed the treatment because my back really felt so smooth after that. It's a kind of smooth I've never felt on my back before because how does one do a thorough scrub and mask on your back for yourself at home right!!! LOL Only thing is that my back was exposed to the air conditioned room and being the me that is super scared of cold, I thought it was very cold la haha even when the staff adjusted the temperature for me lol. But the best thing after that is when I get to take a hot shower after being in the cold for an hour hahaha I am really super scared of the cold la!!

I really quite like my first experience here at Le Queenz because although it is located at a more ulu building, it's still a centralized location and being away from shopping centres and all the crowd makes Le Queenz a very tranquil place to be in, and definitely lets you relax yourself for a pampering session!

Another plus point about Le Queenz which I think is worth a mention is that it is a Case Trust accredited salon, meaning Le Queenz is commited to fair trade and transparency towards all customers and no hard selling of products will be involved! I'm sure this makes a very important point for a lot of us because the last thing we'd want to be faced with when we go for a trial facial/spa or anything beauty related is the staff trying to sell us this product and that product... LOL

I'll definitely go back to Le Queenz to try out their full body scrub and mask treatment one day HAHA and maybe try out their other services too and give more reviews! Meanwhile, if you're interested to try out the body scrub and mask treatment that I did, you can call Le Queenz at 62240228 for a reservation and you can quote "Xin Lin x $48 Body Scrub and Mask" to get $20 off your treament (u.p $68). If you're interested in doing facial, eyebrow embroidery, etc, you can also ring them up and see if they have any promo :)

*Quote is valid for 1st time customer, till 30 June 2016

Le Queenz 
1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza
#02-28 Singapore 082001

Xin Lin

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