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It's been a while since I've last updated the blog... School has started and it has been so hectic! Here I am, still gonna clear tonnes of backlogs from Summer! Ever since returning from Korea, I've been missing my life there and craving for authentic Korean food daily. I've to say, my experience there was honestly nothing short of the best that I've had! And if you aren't aware yet, I've been updating my life's daily musings (including every single day of my Korea trip!!) on my DAYRE!!! hehe so go read if you're interested!:)

But I guess what makes my trip wonderful was being able to travel comfortably! Our eyes are windows to the world, hence it is especially important that our eyes are well taken care of during travels! One of the most frustrating thing is that being myopic and vain as I am, wearing contact lens is an ESSENTIAL and MUST in my life since I started wearing it at 13! I've worn a variety of various brands and various types, and usually I stick by my monthlies because of hygiene and price issues. (dailies are more hygienic but more expensive lol) But I know, when it comes to travelling, dailies are still best friends for people who're short sighted!

Imagine taking weekend trips and you've to always make sure that your lenses are clean... sometimes if you don't soak them long enough they hurts and burns in your eyes the next day... and all the other inconveniences! :( Whereas wearing dailies, I can just remove and throw them away and tomorrow is a brand new day with a brand new pair! ^^

Therefore, I was really happy when I was approached by ContactLensSG right before my trip! I was sponsored one month's supply of the Acuvue 1-day MOIST Define to bring to my Korea trip! It was my first time ever trying out dailies so I wasn't really sure what I was supposed to expect? Having worn monthly contact lens all my life, I'd have thought contact lens is just contact lens la, they all feel the same!

BUT NO. Dailies are sooooo much more comfortable and it feels as though you're not wearing any lenses on!!! (friends also said the same thing!) The Acuvue 1 day MOIST Define was also really moisturizing for my eyes, and despite it being hot, dry summer there, my eyes seldom felt dry (unless crazy typhoon winds blew hahaha) 

So, I'd really like to thank ContactLensSG for the Acuvue 1-day MOIST Define!!! My lenses arrived in the correct prescription (astig available!) and it really saved me all the hassle from going down to a physical retail shop to buy... Not sure if anyone faces this problem BUT my degree + astig is pretty steep so my contact lenses always need to have its order placed a week in advance! 

Well, maybe most dailies are similar, but I've never tried other dailies before, so I can only speak for the ones that I got sponsored with. Dailies are so much more hygienic than monthlies!!! They never sting, and they are always so moisturizing. 

If you're interested, there's currently an ongoing promotion for the Acuvue define lenses! You can get 25% off with purchase of 2 boxes of more ^^

& you can also go to my referral link to save $15 off your purchase!:) (They also carry other brands!)
A quick look at their website will let you realise that ContactLensSG has prices that are 30-50% lower than the normal retail rates in Singapore! So think about the cheaper pricing + discount from my referral link + the additional discount if you buy the Acuvue lens! :O The amount that you can save.... you can probably buy a few more months worth of contact lens alr!!!

PS: If you're wondering why the website ends with a .my instead of .sg, it's because ContactLensSG actually has 4 physical shops in JB, Malaysia and they're venturing their business into Singapore through online platforms :) Hence this explains why prices are cheaper! If you're worried about the authenticity, you can always get yours checked at an optician shop. That's what I did because I wanted to make sure that products are reliable too!! We only have one pair of eyes, don't play play!! 

But all in all, my experience was pleasant and thank you Contact Lens SG for making my travels so much more convenient! referral link to save $15!

Xin Lin

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