Triumph's magical fashion show

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Just a week back, I was privileged enough to go down to one of the Triumph's boutiques located at 313@ Somerset for a fitting session!

I got to try on many different types of the bras available and kept one set for myself :) I've always loved Triumph bras since I was...18?? Yeah that's when I owned my first bra from Triumph and it is just so comfortable and fits me like a glove!!! Their bras are soooo flattering as always :) Although yes, their bras mostly come with push ups, but I don't see anything wrong with wearing push ups! If that makes a girl/woman feel better or more confident about herself, why not? :) Plus, it is not as though their push ups are uncomfortable, I've worn one from another brand and I felt so suffocated before LOL!!!

Those who've worn Triumph bras before would know that their bras although are push ups, are extremely breathable and comfortable! (True words, not asked or paid to review about them AT ALL, the main objective is actually a shoutout for one of their ongoing contests below :D) The only reason that's stopping me from buying their bras is because I'm still a student and it's definitely pricey for me. My oldest pair of Triumph bra is still serving me well after 5 years! (Am I even supposed to wear my bra for 5 years?!?!)

In the end, I decided to keep the Magic Wire set :) It's a new innovation by Triumph to make you feel like you're not wearing a wired bra while still getting the support of one!

(Sorry if you were expecting a photo of me in the bra only LOL But a little cleavage is all I can provide you with HAHAHA)

It fits me on seamlessly and comfortably, and gives me a good support and a little lift ;) Hehe I'm sooo in love with this la! Already worn this bra out twice before blogging this! I'm not someone who goes for super a lot of lift like must up 2 cup size or what, I know I'm small and I embrace that and work with what I have LOL! The straps are non-detachable though! Not that it is much of a problem but just saying in case any of you are interested :) It retails at $89.90 for the bra :)

I was also brought around to their Triumph's magical fashion show displays over at Robinsons Heerens!
Two of my favourite designs :)

Displayed here and at other Robinsons stores are displays from their latest fashion show! And in celebration of Triumph's 20th year of Maximizer Magic, there's currently a contest running for you to win $2000 of shopping vouchers, proudly sponsored by Triumph International and Robinsons! (Seriously, $2000 can buy like AT LEAST 20 BRAS, or even if you don't wanna just buy bra can buy a lot of cosmetics and other stuff also!!!)

Here's the steps to follow:
Step 1: Take a photo with your favourite fashion show piece at the Triumph pop-up store at either Robinsons, The Heeren or Robinsons at Raffles City
Step 2: Share your photo on Facebook or Instagram with hashtags #TriumphRobinsons and #MaximizerMagic
(T&Cs apply)

Contest ends on 28th June 2015 (that's 3 days later!!! I'm posting this pretty late but the contest actl started on 2nd June)
Two winners per store will be selected on 3rd July via the Robinsons Facebook page :)
You may also head over to to view the show pieces on the models :)

Adding on to that, Triumph also has some GSS special!!:)

From now till 31 July 2015,
Buy any 3 items, receive 1 item FREE*
Buy any 5 items, receive 2 items FREE*, including a $50 voucher* and a free towel cake*
Buy any 6 items, receive 3 items FREE*, including a $60 voucher* and a free towel cake*
(While stocks last, T&Cs apply)

For the busybees, you may also shop online at the Triumph's online store! (it's an active link, click it to be redirected) :)

(Photo taken at Sloggi's pop up store located in front of Robinsons Heeren :) )

To end off, I had a wonderful afternoon browsing through some of my favourite intimates and happy to receive a new set! Thank you Triumph SG for the great hospitality :')

Xin Lin

(*The set of Magic Wire bra is sponsored)

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