Rewards with Rewalkz Me

4:19 PM


I'm pretty excited to share with you guys today about Rewalkz Me, which is basically a web platform that rewards you for completing 10,000 steps daily! 

I'm sure many/most of us are pretty familiar with wireless activity trackers such as Fitbit and Jawbone! Even if you don't, you probably would have seen your more sporty friends wearing this band on their wrists which supposedly tracks their steps, distances, quality of sleep etc! It looks something like this:

When I first saw and heard about these bands, I was totally u n i m p r e s s e d. HAHAHA like... I wear a few hundred dollars on my wrist and... that's all it does??? Hence I never got myself one of these gadgets to wear even though everyone was wearing it. I mean, it's a bit boring, isn't it? I wear it on my wrist, it tracks my activity, I feel happy/sad about (not) hitting my goals, end of story. 

Therefore, when Rewalkz Me approached me, I was a little confused like what this entire thing was about. Turns out that Rewalkz Me syncs your Fitbit/Jawbone bands to their web platform, and they roll out challenges almost every week, and if you could hit the daily target of 10k steps a day for the challenge duration, you'd win something!

Here's a list of challenges they have, past and present: 

I've signed up for an account for myself to figure out how Rewalkz Me works... and I was also given a Fitbit Flex to wear for this entire period so that I can experience this for myself and share with you guys! I wore the Fitbit Flex with me to HK and it's the blue/green/mint band you see I wear on my wrists ALL THE TIME there:

Their website is really easy to use! It syncs all the data from my Fitbit over and I can easily access my daily activity:

Yeah, I walked like 27k steps on the first day of HK HAHAHA #thoselegsaremadetowalk

Hitting the 10k steps daily definitely got tougher as some days I just stay at home, very evident which days are those? LOL

I really like how it tracks my activities including calories counter because I tend to overeat and binge like crazy when overseas!!! While it does not exactly track my calorie intake, it does track the output so I can gauge to myself if I can afford to eat as much! Having a daily goal to meet also motivates me to use more of my feet and less of public transport because of this.... Satisfaction I derive???

So, I'd say there's no harm in giving Rewalkz Me a try if you already own a Fitbit or Jawbone band because the platform is totally free and it comes as an added incentive!!!

I'll continue to use my Fitbit and Rewalkz me platform and see how everything goes! This is my 3rd
week into using this and I'll give you guys an elaboration on my review in a few weeks time :) So far, since I'm back to SG, hitting the 10k goal has really become a challenge :( Hence I'm totally working towards 10k steps a day to stay healthy!:)


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