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Hola!! I'm back from my 5 day trip to Hong Kong and before I blog more about my trip (with vlogs!!) I shall update more about some of the stuff that I did during the first few weeks of my holidays :)

#1 Trapped SG

Jio-ed my friends along with me to play another escape room again, this time at Trapped SG which is located at SCAPE! We had wanted to play Friday the 13th room but it was already booked, so we settled for World War 3 instead. hahaha As you can see, this time round we decided to go for the spookier ones HAHA

Thankfully, the rooms weren't as scary as we thought, maybe because this time round we're slightly more experienced in playing escape rooms now! We managed to solve the room with 5min 30s remaining!

But of course, we used up the 3 lifelines given to us LOLLOL Well, I guess we still need more practicing man. Overall, I would say the room was pretty manageable to solve! But it'll definitely help to be at least be in a group because it is much easier when it is solved as a team!:) I doubt I'll ever be able to solve a room if I only brought 1 other friend with me HAHAHA.

There're also other rooms available for play over at the *SCAPE outlet so do check them out!:)

SCAPE, 2 Orchard Link #02-20/21/22
 42 Kandahar Street, near Bugis

#2 Dazzlette Nails

Before I flew off for my HK trip, I decided to do something drastic with my nails!!!

For those who already know me personally, you guys would know that I have this TERRIBLE habit of biting/peeling off my nails :( Hence my nails are ALWAYS so short and they NEVER get the chance to grow lollol. I got introduced to Dazzlette Nails by a friend (Maybeline) and was told that their nail artist, Koji, could do magic to my nails!!!

Honestly, I got so excited to "grow" some nails (even though I later found out that I probably am not feminine enough because I had so much difficulty wearing my contact lenses after that HAHA and I was stupid enough that I couldn't even take out my ATM card from my wallet LOLLOL)

Dazzlette Nails is located at Level 1 (#01-71) of Bras Basah Complex, the same complex where there's the huge Art Friend store :)

To date, I've never done ANY manicure before except during sec 4 prom where I super hiao went to stick on extensions on my nails HAHA. I trusted everything in Koji's hands and let her decide for me what design shall go on the extensions!:)

The whole time, I felt extremely amazed about everything LOL a bit suaku but you can't blame a girl who've never grown long nails before right!!! So here's a before and after photo of the extensions, before any nail polish went on (taken by Koji):

Koji decided to give me denim designed nails! It was in a shade of blue that I liked and I liked how the design went so well with everything I wore. Pretty much like how a pair of good jeans could pull off every look!

I've already decided on my next design for my next session with Dazzlette Nails! Can't wait :) This time round I'll be better at handling my newly "grown" nails :p


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