SNDC Part 2

6:15 PM

Okay now that my midterms have *just* ended, I am gonna attempt to try to clear my backlog a little while at the same time taking a break from all those piles of reading awaiting my attention... I've previously blogged about SNDC Part 1 over **HERE** and this is gonna be a continuation of it. Well, documenting memories down because I think this is most likely my last year in hall!

Quickly posting some of the other stuff that my date has done for me since then:

My god, I can't even remember when was the last time I had such a sumptuous breakfast for the fact that I can't even wake up. And actually I told my date to deliver the breakfast at 10am and he was so punctual that he arrive at my door 10am sharp when I had just pressed snooze on my alarm. LOL Avocados are my fav I've received it for SNDC, buaya and I stock up on them too. My fridge is like exclusively for avocados only it seems. HAHA. Definitely effort max!!!

Look. at. that. Craftholic :O!!!!
I guess this is nuff' said, the freshies this year has completely spoilt the market!!! So so lucky this year and I'm just so lucky every year I guess because my date last year was SUPER upz too?? :O

No way to say "NO" I will be crazy and I don't have a decent pic of my reply to him but I actually hung a 2 storey high banner replying "YES" to him that sadly got destroyed by the rain FML

Okay so the actual SNDC dinner itself is basically just a formal hall dinner, we didn't even have to go out on a movie date or whatever. So chill, guys, chill. (diff for other halls though!) Let the photos speak:

Current fav white dress to date c/o RunwayAE!

The Year 3s who're left in Block A (see the pathetic number of girls hahaha) Sorry too lazy to brighten the photo.

Queued so bloody long for the photobooth as usual but hey for the keepsake memory why not. So that sums up SNDC dating game in hall for me! Not sure if there's a fourth year to come but the last 3 years have been amazing. Especially when you're a senior HAHAHA

Btw I've been down with cough for near to 3 weeks now and it's so disruptive to my life sigh why can't it just go away already!!!

With only about 5 more weeks left till the end of semester, I really can't wait for the vacation to be here quickly. So so tired of this paper chase/rat race thingy. I like what I'm studying but I'm just sick of this routine already. Really need a getaway!

Been swamped with so much thoughts recently as well it hasn't been the best of the days I've had. Sometimes being honest to ourselves is the toughest thing to do. But it is so necessary. :(

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