Some days, I just want a getaway!

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It's finally the recess week, (also known as midterm break) and boy, did the semester fly by really quickly!!!

Every single vacation break, I think about travelling to somewhere, anywhere for a quick getaway because I am always so so busy during the school term! FOREVER looking at deals with my friends, squealing over flight deals but the plans ALWAYS gets called off because either I always have dance pracs and I just can't bring myself to be away or the thought of group travelling to foreign places kills us inside :(

In my 21 years of living, I hardly ever traveled, never traveled out of Asia before!!! My family doesn't have the habit of travelling, partly because we are not granted the luxury to do so. Most of my travelling are done with friends, and a lot of other times plans were called off because we felt too "foreign" to be planning our own trip, but we just didn't want to do group travelling... Every youths these days seem to be repulsive towards the idea of group travelling, we cringe at the thought of having to travel and see complete strangers for days straight, boring itineraries and the LACK OF FREE AND EASY TIME!!!

All we want is to be free and easy, and not being bound to a group of strangers and sometimes an uninteresting tour guide who brings you to places that tries to psycho you to buy their "exquisite products". But yet, sometimes travelling out of your own country, in an entirely foreign land, especially that of a foreign language you do not speak or understand, travelling alone/backpacking can be such a scary thing! Or at least, to our parents, they just don't feel at ease to let us go on the trip like that! Does all these ring a bell to you???

If yes, then recently I've found a new solution to this problem. When WorldTravelSG first approached me, I checked out their website and was pretty much taken aback, it feels too "hipster" to be a travelling agency! That's when I realised their target group of travellers are actually the teenagers/young adults (16-30 years old) and every package they have there seemed to be tailored for youths like us! They even have trips with featured bloggers and some of the deals are extremely affordable!!! BEST FOR STUDENTS LIKE US SEEKING A GETAWAY!

(I melt a little inside every time I come across such photos of lanscapes on google...)

Then, I was directed to this section called "Group Escapades"...

Here is an excerpt I got off their webpage:

No boring itinaries? Checked
Lots of Free and Easy time? Checked
Travel with same age group? Checked
Decent hotel rooms? Checked
Free wi-fi hotel rooms? CHECKED (!!!! this point is SO important to the social media addicts! Or at least, for me to check my WhatsApp)
Reliable Tour Guide? Checked

This sounds like a freaking dream come true!!! Don't you just love it when people start noticing your needs and actually address it? Don't you wish that one day you can go on a group travelling trip without having to be afraid of being caught up in socially awkward situations or have your favourite slice of meat being snatched away by that complete stranger across the dining table?! Don't you wish you can actually make friends with people you are travelling with, instead of exchanging awkward glances at each other but have nothing in common to talk about at all?

WorldTravelSG is definitely worth a visit, as well as worth planning a trip with them! I myself am already looking forward to going on a trip planned by them if time ever permits on my side!

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking landscapes, but in having new eyes" - Marcel Proust

There is always something so therapeutic about travelling, it calms my mind and it broadens my perspectives about so many things. I especially love learning about different cultures, traditions, cuisines. Of course, I love my shopping too! hehe

Are you all excited to go travelling now already? ESPECIALLY SINCE IT IS RECESS WEEK! Or you may simply be the kind who just love to YOLO, heck care about school and go on a midweek trip! Here's your chance!

WorldTravelSGis having a 5D4N Group Escapade to Saigon, Vietnam with their featured Blogger! Departure date is on the 16th March 2014 and more details are as follow:

You can also get more information, including trip itinerary, HERE!

What are you waiting for??? As the famous saying goes, "A journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step". Sign up with them now, or just stay tuned to them for more travelling deals and you can start having your own travelogue too!:)

World Travels Holiday

With this, I hope everyone will have a good midterm break and start planning your vacation trip soon! :-)

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