Goodbye 2013

11:30 AM

And... we're down to the last day of the year! Here comes my annual blog post to sum up my entire year once again :)

I think I say the same thing every year, and so do most people. We often say things like "Time flies/ I grew a lot/ I learnt a lot" etc etc and this year is no different. Every year we learn new things, grow new habits and kick some old ones, and most importantly, every year we learn more about ourselves and the ones around us :)

One of the most important things I've definitely learnt in 2013 is to treasure before it is too late. The second half of the year had a series of events happening that taught me a lot. Besides the fact that I got into a new relationship and my bf leaving for exchange for half a year just a few weeks later, another thing was also that my mum got diagnosed with a certain illness. She's in a more stable condition now and waiting for her operation which is happening next week, but trust me, the news of having to hear something malignant being broken out to you about your loved ones is just terribly heartbreaking. For she is the one that brought me life, that gave me all the love she could ever possibly give to anyone, for being the one that loves me the most and the one I love the most. That was when I began to feel scared of having to lose someone. I mean, this fear of losing my parents strikes me all the time since I'm young, but it has never gotten this real? Like really, really scared. Chances of her recovering is high but at that moment, nobody in the rational mind will be able to not think of the worst. I'm definitely not the only one going through this because many others are going through or have went through similar, if not worse, experiences. (hence definitely not trying to sound pathetic/sympathetic here) But the one thing that I really learnt was how precious family times are together now. My family never used to cook because both my parents work, but now I get homecooked meals everyday if I'm at home. Such simple indulgence in life never came easy for me, because while many of my friends used to say how they wish they could dine out, I used to really wish I could eat at home everyday. Nothing feels better than home, and nothing tastes better than being able to sit down and eat a simple meal with your family. I've learnt to treasure this, and I've learnt to treasure the moments we spend with our loved ones, even when no words were spoken. I've learnt to treasure that every cent I get to spend is a luxury because it doesn't come as easily and readily as in the past. I can't wait to see her get well again.

Everyone, please please treasure all the times you get to spend with your loved ones because you never know when's the next time you get to do it again... I haven't been able to spend mummy-daughter time with my mum out eating and shopping anymore and I admit I used to take it for granted even though I looked forward to it all the time, I just didn't think that simple requests as having a meal out with her could become almost impossible now. Love the ones that love you and be thankful for having them in your life, and let your actions show.

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Another thing I've learnt is to let go of the things that hurt you and, move on. I'm not talking about physical hurt here, but perhaps hurt from someone you think would never demean you as an individual, and then watching them devalue and disrespect you as a human being in entirety. Probably the description is a bit exaggerating but you get my point, down the severity of that statement by a level. We all know the toughest part of picking ourselves up from a sea of mess we've gotten into is letting go. Everyone deserves to be loved for the way they are, but please don't mix this up with what they are. We all make mistakes in life, but please only let the mistake be your mistake and not make it someone else's mistake as well. Letting go & moving on is simply picking up the courage to carry on with your life having the belief that you won't be hurt that way again. It's not about literally erasing your memory of all the events that has happened, letting it disappear into the thin air because it won't. It's about sieving out important learning points from everything that has happened to help us grow spiritually into a stronger, better person. I'm glad I did, and having let go of the things that no longer matter leaves a bigger space in my heart for the ones that matters and have stayed (:

With my two most important takeaways for the year, I strongly believe 2014 will be a good one. Because just one week later, the bf will be back in Singapore and my mum will be having her operation and she will soon be healthy again! Truly 2 of the best new year gifts for me :')

2 semesters in school and now being a Year 2 student has been alright, nothing too boring or too interesting happening but I am glad to be studying something that I enjoy. The workforce is approaching really soon and the bigger world out there is awaiting. Gotta treasure the last years of being a student -- hall life, student life, dancing and STUDENT MEALS. (Sorry, I just had to hahaha)

Never really imagined myself to have to be in a LDR (6 months being apart is also LDR okay!) but I think with the right mindset and adequate communication, it has done more good for this relationship definitely :) And, "miles mean nothing when the person who is miles away mean everything" (From tumblr!) Can't be more grateful for everything that you've done for me and I'm already excited beyond words to receive you at the airport in exactly one week's time :) (I know you will read this one!!!) 

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!!! Not gonna set resolutions because I will probably forget what I set like just a month later. But the only goal I have in 2014, as I turn 21, is to be able to think and act (even more) maturely, treasure the things I hold dear in life, to love my family, boyfriend and friends more, good health and for positivity/optimism always :-)


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