August in summary

12:47 PM

Didn't realise I've been away from my blog for close to a month!!!!:-O

Life's been going at a crazily fast pace with lots to settle in about a new school semester! School has started but the life hasn't succumbed to a mountainous pile of readings to be done. Seriously feel like I'm still on a holiday mode! Probably because I just returned from Sibu trip with SHHK!

So, to sum up August in a post... it was a very eventful and fulfilling month!:) End of SWOC (Sheares Orientation Camp), meeting my new block mates in hall, RAG 12/13!, start of school term & Sibu performance with the shhk people!^^ Have been running on a freaking hectic schedule and I finally have some time right now to blog :'(

A super supportive block A during rag!!:') Photo's from Haojun's cam!

Rag was an awesome experience and I'm so glad to have endured through the entire 2months! Wasn't easy considering life before mid july was filled with SHHK practices everyday for our dance concert, and not getting much needed rest after was just mentally draining on a whole. But nonetheless, it was great to perform and just have fun with the raggers!(:

Missed an entire week of school last week (20th-26th Aug) 'cos SHHK went on a trip to Sibu, Sarawak for the Sibu International Dance Festival! Didn't get to enjoy the trip much at the start cos I was badly running a fever for 3 days before and a massive headache which lasted for 6 days! No appetite for the delicacies and all. Sibu felt like any other Malaysian towns/suburbs/states... but I'd still love West Malaysia's food!!! ^^ The performances there was alright and I believe we all really did give in our best! Met dancers of different ethnic groups from all over Asia and it was a nice experience :') Not forgetting our awesome zichar suppers together regularly throughout the week!:)

Also visited this longhouse which was quite cool. It's like 300+ people staying in this longhouse of 60 apartments or smth. I love the cultural side of Sibu/Sarawak and even the souvenirs were mainly tribal prints! Super pretty!!!! *.* But shopping malls were hard to find there.. barely bought anything back!

Just got back this week and still trying to catch up w the lectures I've missed last week. Tutorials have started and so I guess school is slowly settling down... Not sure how everything this sem will turn out but shall just hope for everything to be smooth sailing! xx

Tues was also Jiazhen's farewell party at this KTV in chinatown... Huge cosy room that was really affordable! Had a great time spent with the SHHK family as usual... But it's just sad that jiazhen's leaving.. Sent her off ytd morning and goodbyes are really quite hard to say sometimes :( Really wish everything will go fine for her over in Hong Kong and all of us are waiting for her to be back!!!:((

I guess that's for the month, photos for Sibu are still not up yet cos Aaron hasn't uploaded them so... just gotta wait! Will try not to abandon this space so much anymore... sorry everyone!!!! :(

Have a good school term ahead!:)

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