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3:52 AM

I know I've disappeared for more than a month! Actually I've been trying to finish an entry 3 days ago but after that my google chrome just crashed on me halfway and i didn't save any drafts. So annoying plzzzz. So I'm finally back in action!!!

So many things have happened in the past 1 month! And it has gotta be one of the most fulfilling months ever even though it's damn tiring and I think I kinda overworked myself hence I'm sick and voiceless now!:O Once again, what I do almost everyday:


The main reason behind all the lethargy and this MIA from me eh. It's about 3 weeks away from SHHK concert now and everything is getting even more hectic! I'm seeing my parents lesser and lesser, usually only when they're asleep haha.

& the thing is pracs usually end late so by the time I'm home, I'll knock out after I bathe and tbh, today is like the first time I'm on the laptop for recreational purposes (because I'm nursing my illness and hence not sewing my costumes lol) So.. I'm not being lazy nor have I abandoned this space.. I've just been really busy hence the inactivity on blogger/formspring. Still pretty much alive on twitter & instagram!

SHHK Dance Troupe 10th Dance Installation
TRACES: Essence of Existence
15th July 2012, 3PM AND/OR 8PM
$18, $22

Friends, dancers or anyone interested please please please come and watch!:) Genres include Chinese Classical Dance, Chinese Folk Dance, Chinese Contemp & Ballet!

Just 3 more weeks to go, just gotta press on there and hope everything will turn out well :) Hope our hard work will pay off and this will be the last happening thing on my schedule before uni starts! :)

Went back to Anderson to help out at ANDance for the past week. Sooooo much nostalgia being in the studio, albeit it being small and kinda stuffy. Many changes have taken place but being in the studio, or even the school itself makes me feel safe and that I belong :) This is what I call, my second home, always :-)

3) SECC Camp SHowdown 12/13!
Managed to take a few days off from dance w tongs and went for Sheares Exposure Camp!:) Probably my first and only uni camp looking at my schedule... Like I've missed FASS camp and all but it's okay, because I had fun!:D

& definitely a good rest for my overworked muscles from all that dancing and nomz for all the GOOD FOOD!!! Sheares Chicken is seriously godlike! *v*

Only downside was I got tanner despite spamming so much sunscreen/sunblock!! BUT there is no fun without the sun :( hehe

Nothing much to fill into this section for now, only have 2 shifts to work for this month! Decided to take a break cos dance is almost every night!! Hence I AM GONNA FEED ON MYSELF FOR NEXT MTH! T.T Didn't send any shifts for july either!!! but will be going back to work once I settle down in uni:-)

K I've decided to include this section in because on free days, besides sleeping and sewing costume, I AM EATING!!

Mostly supper/high tea time:

There's more on instagram! (xinlinnn)
Coz I'm so lazy to upload it from my phone into facebook so I just took some off from facebook and twitter... I'm really quite a food person. Everytime when I'm free in the day I'll meet my friends to chill over lunch/brunch/high tea (no dinners because theres dance! le sigh)

Tried Paul at Taka a few days back w Bloddy, love the atas ambience (machiam taitai plz!!) and their Chamomile tea served w 3 mini macarons:) Tea Party Cafe's Mango delight tea wasn't too bad either. I always feel more calmed and relaxed after drinking tea!! But cannot afford atas tea like TWG... LOL maybe when I get back to work and get my pay, I'll consider!

Besides tea, there's ice cream! Upper thomsom is THE place for ice cream!! Salted Caramel, Udders, Scoopz, Brownice, NeLi's.. Personal favourite gotta be NeLi's/Brownice's waffles with salted caramel's horlicks tim tam! GOODNESS YOU CAN'T RESIST. But of course, Scoopz is more affordable la. Or if you don't mind you travelling a few bus stops down to sembawang hills, Awfully choc has a big fat scoop of hei ice cream for you at $3.80 HEHE (seriously, miss working!!!)

Most important food rn is no longer bubble tea, but TAUHUEY is back on my list!! Ever huge fan for beancurd city (and freaking sad that the one near chong pang is not gonna open till 3am anymore!!!), I have found new hope in cold chilled beancurd though I always believe they are not as healthy... The best cold tauhuey I got, besides laoban, in fact i think this is better than laoban is UU douhua!! Maybe cos I dont have to queue and travel so far to buy one tauhuey hahaha. it's located at TPY back alley!( behind tiong bahru pau) and there's also one at joo chiat.. Yummysoy at joochiat is good too! All the quick and good substitutes to laoban, though nth beats traditional tauhuey imo!! TPY also recently opened this shop called Beans Talk, where they sell Taiwanese tauhuey and you can add green bean, red beans, taro balls to it. AWESOME MAX! I am so excited about it I think tmr I will get one box to go before heading to shhk hehehe :D

I'm becoming an extremely food-person. Like I'm the kind I'll rather eat than shop hahaha. Maybe cuz i'm still restricting myself after the mega shopping haul in taiwan which I STILL HAVE YET TO FINISH WEARING EVERYTHING! (and the only essentials at dance is leotard, tights and a tshirt haha)

Can anyone now intro me some good and affordable food to eat? hehe ^^

6) random
I know my post is freaking choppy and incoherent rn.. because my medicine is taking effect and I am getting ~*drowsy*~ LOL I'm gonna head to bed after publishing this.. will finish this first and not give up half way else I know it'll be a long time before I blog again!!! (it's alr 330am omg nocturnalgirl93 is back)

Btw, I am aware that my post went viral on twitter and stuff, but i'm honestly not quite sure what happened (it all happened while i was napping after taking medicine lol, still a bit lost now but thats not the point) But in any case, thank you all for the love, empathy and care :) My life is going on great now with me doing the things I love to do! Ultimately, I am glad that my feelings and experiences have reached out to some of you out there. When I wrote the post back then, i merely wanted to use it to record down my 2 years journey and bring a closure to it. Didn't expect for anything like that to happen... don't know how to react also :S

Just do always bear in mind that whatever life has in store for us may not be what we want, but it will definitely make us learn something out of it and bring us somewhere further and stronger in life :) So, press on all that are mugging hard right now! Believe in yourself and never lose hope :)

Even though I didn't reply to the comments, but I read through every comment ok!!! Thank you all for also sharing with me your experiences and I'm really touched that my post could have been a source of motivation :') I know that some of the things I wrote can be quite personal and hence some of you may not rlly agree with what I said or even be critical about it but it's alright:) It's all over and I have moved on as a happier and stronger person than before!!:) I believe that the hype over the post will die down soon in a few days time so... I'll just leave it there for now? hmmm, so long as i don't become the next topic for principal dialogue then it's okay already, it's okay to share this among your friends (if it's good intentions that you bear)  but of course if it goes out of hand then I may just mia for another while again! (not like i will be super active even if it doesnt..hahaha)

Ok, really cannot take it already, my eyes are closing..!!
Good night all! Have a good school term ahead :-) & all the people starting uni, 1 more month to really enjoy!! hehe have fun all!:)

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