(Photo Credits: Glenn Taubenfeld)

Hello, I'm Xin Lin! Yes, my name has a spacing in between but I'm used to being addressed as XinLin (or xinlinnn on Instagram) on the Internet. Currently 24 years old, fresh out of university and trying to figure out this life.

Dancing is my hobby, as well as my passion. Trust me, it's great to find something you love to do in life, even if it makes you feel like you're stuck with a 80 year old body at the age of 24 with all the backaches.

Stopthe-Pretence has been my "online moniker" for the longest time since 2007. I have no idea how I came up with this name at a tender age of 14 then, but it isn't a decision that I regret. If anything, my domain name will serve as the biggest reminder to myself to always stay true, and real on this space and it is alright to just be yourself.