Getting rid of blackheads with Tsururi's Mineral Ghassoul Clay Pack

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I'm not sure if anyone of you readers here suffer from a "strawberry nose"... but I have, for the longest time ever since puberty hit my life LOL. And this is possibly the only skin "problem" I have, besides dryness.

On my itchy hand days, I like to extract them myself but sometimes, the skin is just too rough and extracting it yourself can be painful (those who've done it before, you'd know haha!) And facial treatments do not happen to us any other day whenever the black heads pop up so finding some "home remedy" is like god sent!

Nose strips have been a quick and seemingly effective solution, but do you know that the action of stripping the nose strip off your nose is way too harsh and harmful for your skin, esp if you've dry skin like me?

My favourite has been to use a clay mask or a scrub peeling mask, because these are the most gentle ways to remove all the impurities, and unclog the pores. As for all the remaining stubborn black and white heads, they can be extracted out super easily without pain!

So, Tsururi sent over a range of their Mineral Ghassoul Clay facial products, which consists of their face wash, cleansing brush, nose pack and mask pack. I've used clay masks before but never really paid much attention to what kind of masks I was using. Well, I guess I assume that clay = good HAHAHA.

Mineral Ghassoul Clay is said to be gentle and has natural healing properties. It helps to detoxify, treats acne, controls the production of excess oil and brightens your skin!

As to whether it does really work or not, I tried it on for myself and my favourite product out of the whole range has gotta be the Point Clay Pack ($12.90) that has Morocco Ghassoul Red Clay and Argan Oil in it. It comes in a really handy packaging and works on your targeted points which is the nose for me. I also like the Mild Sea Clay Pack ($19.90) for my full face because it is more suitable for dry skin :)

The texture of the clay for the nose pack and mask pack is very, very similar, with almost negligible difference. It is really easy to apply and glides on very smoothly on a clean and dry face.

Here's the before and after!

 Trust me, it is SUPER therapeutic to watch this dry up. All the oily build-ups and impurities from your nose gets "sucked" into this clay pack and then appear on the surface as the mask pack dries up in just 5 minutes! It's amazingggg and I really love this clay pack because of this HAHAHA

The end result is a visibly cleaner nose as all the "strawberry heads" have disappeared by a bulk and the nose also feels smoother to the touch! I guess photos make great evidences so you guys can see it for yourself ^^

One thing I really like about the Tsururi's Ghassoul Clay Pack is how easy it is to wash away the dried up clay. I've tried a couple of other brands and they almost always make me feel like my skin is gonna be washed away together as well HAHAHA.

Tsururi's Ghassoul Clay Pack is available in Metro, BHG, Watsons, Tokyu-Hands and Meidi-ya.

Xin Lin

(This post is in collaboration with Tsururi)

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