NDP 2016: Concept, Theme & Logo

5:26 AM

The jubilant SG50 celebrations felt like it just took place not too long ago and here we are, less than 5 months before Singapore hits the 51 years old mark! Yet another year to celebrate this city state's birthday, and filled with anticipation to see what's lined up for this year's parade. Quite glad that this year, I got to do a little coverage about the whole NDP planning to execution process and last week, I attended the media conference for the theme and logo design for NDP2016 :)

Unlike other years, this year's NDP is going to be held at the Singapore Sports Hub instead of the floating platform or the Padang like the other years. Little did I realize that in fact, 10 years have already passed by since NDP was held at this Kallang venue (anyone remembers Kallang stadium?). It just makes me realize that I've really grown up too quickly because I watched the NDP Preview show at Kallang Stadium when I was Primary 5!!! That's 12 years ago...

Brigadier General Kenneth Liow, Chairman of NDP 2016 Executive Committee, starting of the media programme. 
The theme for this year's celebration is Building Our Singapore of Tomorrow, which is pretty apt for a theme/tag line as we are now progressing and moving towards our aim of SG100, and nation-building remains one of the most important thing for us Singaporeans.

This year's NDP logo was actually selected through a public competition that was held from December 2015 - February 2016, receiving over 250 entries and 2,700 public votes. I guess it's pretty good that the citizens get to play a part in the execution of this year's NDP as it is reflective of the fact of nation-building is indeed a collective effort from the citizens as a whole and not just governmental legislation. To be frank, I quite like the main logo whereby "51" is printed inside a heart shape, it's simple and straightforward in bringing its message across -- that the multiracialism here in Singapore (represented by the 4 different shades of the heart shape) forms the heartbeat of this prospering city state :)

Chelsea Lim (19 y/o), brainchild behind this year's NDP logo! Must have been a moment of immense pride to do something for the country :')

Not sure if I'm the only one who feels and sees it this way but the five stars that extends out from the digit "6" kinda reminds me of the iconic flypast we get every year at NDP, and this year is still no exception! Besides the usual flypasts that is highly anticipated, this year's NDP will also feature unmanned technologies, 3D projection displays, aerial displays involving performers and props, and indoor fireworks for the first time ever! Not to mention that holding the parade at the Sports Hub this year will allow 275,000 Singaporeans to be able to view the show, double the number of previous years. :-)

It's great to get some "insider" news about this year's NDP parade, because it's definitely one of my favourite holiday! Looking forward to sharing more updates with you guys leading up to the event itself, so stay tuned!


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