My experience at Salon de Choix

5:34 AM

Just half a month away from Chinese New Year for the year 2016, so I guess... maybe I'll do a little sharing on the hair services I received over at Salon de Choix!

Having visited twice at Salon de Choix, and with my third appointment booked next week, I guess I can do a more proper review of how I feel about their services provided! I'll be mainly reviewing on my second visit there where I did a touch up of colours to my roots, dyed a new color and did a hair treatment! I didn't trim my hair during the visit because I was very happy with my current length but I think I'll go for a quick trim next week to prepare for CNY + my bday hahaha.

Located at Winsland House 1 (behind Orchard central), Salon de Choix sets itself in a prime and accessible location in town while away from most of the bustle of the city! Getting there has been pretty convenient for me since there's a direct bus from hall (143) that stops right outside Winsland House!! Yay!

My hair discolours really easily and it always fades to this super warm tone that makes my entire skin tone looks brownish. As though I am not brown/golden enough! Lol my hairstylist, Brandon, never fails to come up with a colour that has more cool undertones to bring some brightness to my skin color and make it look less warm. I'm not someone who likes to go crazy on color experimentation and all because I think I'm wayyyy past that age of yolo-ing... I just wanna have a nice hair color that suits my skin tone and flatters it the best way possible. Now, I have to commend Brandon because he never ever advices me to try crazy colours or follow the latest hair trends 'cos he knows it damages my hair! He lets me decides entirely the colour I want which is what makes me feel very comfortable with him handling my hair haha. 
The area where your hair gets washed, which is also my favourite place in the salon because I can lie down and enjoy a nice hair wash! A bonus will be the chairs here are massage chairs so no worries about having a backache or struggling to get up after the hair wash hehe.

Lastly, I'll end my visit at the salon with a hair treatment! Which is totally what my hair needs badly because it's always dry like grass... Brandon did a Shu Uemura's "Ceremony moment" hair treatment for me this time round~
Lol much unglam, but this is to help myself kill time while waiting for treatment to be done!

The end product of my hair! My skin tone looks a lot more "neutralised" after getting a new color... according to Brandon, this was done using the L'Oreal cool color cover to counter the warm tones in my hair! It's been 3 weeks since I had this color on and it's staying on well and slightly fades to a healthy dark brown which makes my hair look a lot healthier than before. Looking forward to getting my hair treatment + trim done next week in anticipation of CNY! 

Before - dry and discoloured hair
After: Smooth and hair is no long frizzy!! 

You can head over to Salon de Choix to try out their services if you're interested and quote "xinlin" for 15% off hair services when you look for my stylist, Brandon :) 

Salon de Choix
3 Killiney Road
Winsland House 1
Tel: +65 6836 2959


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