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Hello all!

Hope you guys enjoyed my previous blog post on the 7 food you mustn't miss out on when in Korea! I'm back here today to blog about Expedia Singapore, which I'm sure most of us are familiar with! Expedia Singapore is an online travel company that allows you to book your holiday trips at a discounted price most of the time! Good news is, jumping onto the social media bandwagon, Expedia Singapore has just recently launched its Instagram handle, ExpediaSG! Do check it out for giveaways, promos and discounts ;)

Personally, I have been a user of Expedia Singapore even before I got approached to blog about the services that they're offering! For my summer school trip in Seoul, I booked both my return flight to Seoul & my accommodation for my solo trip there through Expedia :) & I must say since I booked my solo trip accoms after I've purchased my air tickets and becoming a member on Expedia, I managed to get further discounts for the guesthouse I stayed at!! For 5 nights in Seoul, I stayed at UWA Guesthouse in Hongdae for only $18 per night, which is really affordable considering the price, and a quick search will lead you to many portals and websites offering the same accomodation at a higher price per night! (as of time and period of travel then) The goodness doesn't just end here... Apparently you can save up to 31% when you book hotel + flight together..?! I haven't tried this personally before but those who're keen can definitely go check it out ;)

Other than enjoying 31% off booking of hotel + flight together, you may even get free flights or free room nights! Simply search for "Flight+Hotel" and get flight or hotel for free featured as "Smart Deal" if you book together! :)

Here's a screengrab for you, to show that I am not lying that I am already an existing member on Expedia Singapore and have used their services before! So I'm being as truthful here as I can, as well as adding in some of my experiences through purchasing with them :)

I know of course there has been a lot of negative reviews over booking of flights/accoms through a "third party site" instead of directly, but it's true that sometimes what these third party sites offer is really at a much cheaper price than buying direct! Of course, all these are subjective to personal preferences and everyone's experience varies, but at least for me I've had good experiences so far and faced no problem in the previous time I traveled via Expedia reservations :)

A simple tip/advice I can provide is after making reservations and receiving confirmations (& maybe e-ticket?) from Expedia, give your airline company a call to confirm whether your flight has been booked! That's what I did, as well as to choose my seat on the plane hahaha. With confirmation from your airline, I'm pretty sure you can be and feel more assured that you're not gonna get "scammed" :D

If you've noticed the screengrab above, you'll also realise that I'm an Expedia+ member as well. Honestly it puzzled me what Expedia+ does too when it first launched, but after receiving more info on this, I am better educated about this now HAHA.

Basically, every member on Expedia Singapore will be automatically assigned the +blue status, and with increased trips booked through the site, there are possible options of being "upgraded" to the +Silver & +Gold statuses! Working as a reward system, you get to enjoy amenities and facilities upgrades, earning points with every booking you make, and exclusive travel offers. (If you're interested to find out more, you can refer to their website

So, sign up for an account on Expedia Singapore now and follow them on their Instagram!:)


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