Getting #Browfie ready at Browhaus Plaza Singapura!

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Me, completely barefaced.

Sometimes, I think being a girl is incredibly troublesome... We've to take care of our hair, face, and to the details of our nails and eyebrows. And all these require us to spend so much money just to "take care" of ourselves!!!

All along, I chose the "low maintenance" way of simply plucking/tweezing my own eyebrows. No costs involved, all you need is to buy the tweezer which is less than $2. Probably because I am blessed with hairy brows and this pair of brows has a natural shape! But even so, I still had to draw/fill in the empty parts of my eyebrows when I go out or put on make up for shoots/work. So, that's kinda like an additional cost? Of about... $10 for the eyebrow pencil. Therefore, I always viewed things like eyebrow threading, eyebrow embroidery as a "pamper" because all these require $$$ and most of the good ones are not cheap! Plus tweezing my brows myself is cheap and convenient and can be done any time, any day hehe.

Browhaus, Plaza Singapura #04-08A

Recently, I decided to try out eyebrow threading for the first time ever with Browhaus! Always so intrigued by how threading works but have never tried it before! But I've friends who're regulars of Browhaus and their brows look super clean and natural. When I got approached to try their brow shaping services, I'm like why not??? Hahaha ^^

I opted for the classic Thread + Tweeze option so that I could try both brow shaping services that Browhaus offers in one session. By combining the two very effective techniques, threading and tweezing, it’s definitely an ideal beauty treatment for the time-poor me who wants perfectly-groomed brows!

2 days after threading+ tweezing, with make up but brows are natural without makeup!

For those who are unsure of the differences between the two, threading removes stray hair strands in a row with each professional stroke. Threading can even remove very fine hairs by their follicles, resulting in a clean and natural looking brow line. It’s also the fastest way of removing hair! For a first timer like me, I'd rate the pain level 2/10 because it felt like I was plucking many strands of hair at one go HAHA but like I've already mentioned, my pain tolerance level quite high la...Even brazilian waxing wasn't THAT painful for me!!  

Tweezing however, helps to give our brows a more defined look and helps open up the very important facial feature, our eyes! Tweezing gives a precise shape to the newly groomed threaded brow. Tweezing feels... fun to me??? 

I really wonder how the Browhaus brow architects do it! How do they make my brows so clean and nice using a thread? :O  The whole session only took 15 mins! SUPER EFFICIENT!!

I’ve also had the chance to try Browhaus’ very own brow pencil – the Brow Lead. Never knew Browhaus had their own range of makeup products?!?! Plus all of them are very affordable, their Browhaus Eyeliner, Browhaus Mascara, Brow Lead are all only $17.90 each! The Brow Lead comes in 3 different shades, and I took the one in "Asphalt" which is a lighter brown meant for creating a more natural looking pair of eyebrows. I have yet to try the Brow Lead because since I groomed my eyebrows at Browhaus 2 weeks ago, I haven't been drawing my brows at all lah!!! HAHAHA Can you even believe it....??? But I'd definitely put up my review for the Brow Lead once I've tried it ok!!:) 

Threading really makes my brows so much neater looking and cleaner as well. The "stray" hair grows a lot slower and after 2 weeks it just started growing out only!! Usually if I self-pluck, I need to pluck like every 4 days! My brows are really super in shape every day and I feel really happy to go out without doing anything to my brows. 

Here's me 2 weeks after having my brows threaded+tweezed. My brows are still in shape and looking good???

Perfect for lazy people like me lah. and kinda feels like back to the fuss free days when I was younger where I don't have to care about my eyebrows at all! The brow architect who did my brow shaping for me was also really patient and made sure I got the brows I want after threading! She confirmed with me like 3-4 times and just kept on trimming it till I'm happy with the shape. So much better than some salons that I went to for tweezing/shaving my brows where they don't even bother asking if you're happy with the shape!! Is it right for me to say that certain services are really 一分钱, 一分货? 

At Browhaus @ Plaza Singapura, right after my threading+tweezing session :)

I visited the Browhaus (&Strip, and you can read about my experience HERE) at Plaza Singapura which is their newest outlet!!! The interior of the shop is so spacious and the interior decoration is absolutely well-designed as well :) The entire design is based on the Grand Budapest Hotel! To celebrate their new store opening, here's an offer that you guys can enjoy that is valid till 31 October 2015! :)

If you quote my name ‘Xinlin’ on their brand new online booking portal, you’ll be able to enjoy a special 30% off for your first Brow-shaping service (either Threading or Tweezing or the Thread + Tweeze!) at Browhaus Plaza Singapura! Simply book your appointment HERE or on their mobile booking app - SEG Booking :D

I'd say after 30% discount, it is really quite cheap hehe. Usual price up to $24!

If you’re not a new customer to Browhaus, don't be upset! You can receive a Free Brow Lead if you do your next brow-shaping service at Browhaus Plaza Singapura ;) Just call in to the outlet at 6332 0250 or use their online booking portal to make your appointment heh.

PS: I also SUPER LOVE their calamansi tea served LOLLOL #smalldetailsmatter! ;)
Looking forward to the next time I'm back to thread+tweeze my brows!!!

Browhaus, Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road
#04-08A, Plaza Singapura
Tel: +65 6332 0250

Xin Lin

(Adv, sponsored)

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