Review of Rewalkz Me

9:11 PM

Heyya!!! It's been a week since I returned from Korea and before I start updating with all my travelogues here... Let me first do a review for the Rewalkz Me platform that I've been using!:)

If you guys have not read from my previous post on Rewalkz Me yet, Rewalkz Me is a web platform where they have weekly challenges launched every Monday and they reward you for completing 10k steps daily!!!

I've been using the Rewalkz Me platform together with the synced data from my Fitbit for more than a month already :) And frankly, I think it's a really nice feeling where you realize how MUCH you've been walking a day!!! In Seoul, and Korea in general, the slopes are CRAZY and stairs are EVERYWHERE... escalators are sacred. So I've been climbing a lot and 10k steps a day? No kick man!!! Hahaha.

Okay I'll be honest here, there're a lot of empty slots for the days here not because I've ditched my fitbit...BUT I LEFT MY FITBIT CHARGER IN SINGAPORE?! HAHAHA whutttt. So I saved the battery life for days where I'm traveling!! Like out of Seoul where tonnes of walking is required just to make myself feel really good about the calories I've burnt hehe.

Btw sorry I digressed! This is supposed to be a review about the web platform right??? lol

After being introduced to the platform for more than a month, here're some of the pros and cons I've come up with!!


- It's super easy to navigate around!!! As long as you have your fitbit/jawbone synced, all the data loads in automatically ^^ Super easy to track your stuff!
- Nice concept -- launch of weekly challenges with attractive prizes really motivates people to stay a little healthier by walking more!

Just for the 3rd point itself, I think the platform is really pretty remarkable. In fast paced Singapore, where life is all about EFFICIENCY, we want to get to everywhere quickly. Lifts, escalators, travelators, public transport, cars, cabs... It is only when I've been in Korea for a month where I realized in Singapore, we're extremely blessed! But it also made me realized using your own two feet to walk around will really made you realize things you don't usually notice!

Not to mention, sometimes using our own bus 11 may be faster than taking MRT cos yeah... train delays, train fault and what not HAHA.


- some people might think web platform is a little troublesome/inconvenient! Would be a plus point if there's a mobile app!

 Rewalkz Me is also constantly working on its partnership with other fitness tracking brands/bands so that more people will be able to use their lovely platform! It has been a great 1 month+ being their ambassador and I really got a lot more educated about all these fitness bands and stuff! 

So if you already own 1 of the fitbit/jawbone, PLEASE GO USE!!! no harm signing up and if you're an avid "walker" all these rewards are really a bonus, right??:) You can also buy merchandises off their online store

Thank you Rewalkz Me for having me on board as well as educating me better on a healthy lifestyle :) 

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