STRIPped for Summer!

5:41 AM

Last week, I stripped for the first time....

 I did my first Brazilian Wax!!!!

I've hesitated for way too long about trying waxing because ALL my friends told me that it hurts like a b***h... But I was still pretty eager to try. After all, I believe we all like to feel clean and hygienic down there too! When I received an invitation by Strip to try one of their new limited edition Summer waxes, I accepted it without much hesitation! I've heard many good reviews about Strip (& Browhaus, they're under the same company!) before so I know going to them for my first wax was probably a great choice.

The 2 new Summer waxes are:

LemON LemOFF - Whitening Lemon Wax

CucumBARE - Moisturizing Cucumber Wax

The waxes used: lemon on the left, cucumber on the right :)

I chose the whitening LemON LemOFF wax because... whitening HAHA. I went down to the Strip outlet at Mandarin Gallery (Level 3) without a clue about what was going to happen to me, or my dearest little sister since it was my first time doing waxing too!!! (But surprisingly, I didn't feel nervous at all!)



A little, definitely. Like who wouldn't feel awkward having someone staring at your down there for half an hour??? LOL!!! Especially since it was my first time too! But the therapist was very friendly and motherly and she kept talking to me to distract me from making me feel awkward, so it got better for me after 5 minutes in there :) I also figured out that the therapist has probably seen all shapes and patterns of ladies' intimates that they are immuned to it already, so actually there was nothing to feel uncomfortable about! What you have, she also has! :)

Honestly, I'd rate the pain level 3.5/10. BUT that is because I have a pretty high tolerance for pain (as also confirmed by the therapist because she said I am too calm and quiet for a first timer!!!) I only felt the pain for 2 out of maybe the 12 strips done, at the most sensitive areas. The other areas were like an ant's bite for me, but that is just me maybe?? So if you have a high tolerance for pain, this should be no kick for you but if you have a lower tolerance, you might feel that it can be a lot more painful?

I think waxing is definitely better than shaving after I've done waxing! It's cleaner, my skin feels smoother and I feel more hygienic! (is this TMI?? I hope not, anyway I think I am old enough to talk about this maturely so there is nothing to be shy about. It is something ALL females have as a biological part and is nothing to be ashamed/shy about really) :) It also helps a lot that the premises of Strip was kept really clean and cosy such that the treatment went on very comfortably for me! :)

Here's a satisfied me after my LemON LemOFF wax :)

If you're keen on trying the limited edition Summer waxes from Strip, visit and purchase a brazilian wax voucher at $35!

Apply promo code 'XinLin' during check out and get additional 10% off!

Strip has 16 outlets islandwide so it is really accessible!

Lastly, Strip is having a summer pool party on 1 August, Saturday, at Owl Bar! I have 3 exclusive invites to giveaway on my instagram, follow me and find out how you can score an invite for yourself and bring along 4 friends to party the summer away!

For better intimates hygiene and summer ready body,
Xin Lin


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