3:15 AM

It has been one of the longest week I've had, simply because so much has happened in a week.

On Monday, I had no idea what happened to my body but it just kinda failed me. Halfway through a shoot for Treslovechic, I felt terribly unwell and just blacked out?! And felt so nauseous and just couldn't stand straight for more than a minute. Felt so bad towards the photographer and the owner because we couldn't shoot finish and had to cancel and postpone our shoot to another day. But thankful for their understanding, as well as the photos didn't turn out too bad. Phew.

Photo from Treslovechic
This was the last photo I manged to take, and it's taken sitting down because I can't stand straight anymore lol surprisingly this is one of my fav shots LOL

After which I was simply bedridden for 2 days straight because I felt so giddy all the time and had no appetite to eat anything. Or I can't eat anything without vomiting it out. Amazed at how I went on 2 days straight without food and on Wednesday, I finally regained my appetite slowly with a bowl of Nam Nam ^^

Probably because I was bedridden for 2 days, the week seem to fly by so damn quickly, and school is starting on Monday. Next semester is gonna be crazy again, as all semester 2s have been. Dance prac is gonna start and here's to all the unhealthy late hall nights again oh gosh. But really, not sure if I'm gonna continue staying hall next year so gotta make this choreography count :)

There's just so much I wish I could pen down here but I no longer can, because I just can't find the right words... It's been a crazy, crazy week. But everything will simply get better from here. I just don't get why people can't appreciate what they have until it's gone.

All the negative stuff aside, gonna be posting up a review for Vivre Active Wear next! I've been wearing the set of apparels kindly sponsored by them to yoga classes and it's just so comfy. It's been 3 weeks wearing it so I guess I finally have enough thoughts to review about it :) Yup, I'm so lucky to meet kind owners/sponsors who let me take my time to review through the products. I usually am quite efficient for Instagram la haha but blog post is just different because it takes so much more effort to pen down the truest review to oneself.

Also, I'm really lucky and thankful to be the NIVEA girl for 2015! I kinda joined it in the name of fun because I was already using the wipes and the campaign came along, so why not :) Just so grateful and counting my blessings :) Did a shoot for an upcoming spread in the March issue of Cleo magazine, hopefully the photos turn out well! But similarly, I shall leave this for a separate post altogether!

It was also saddening when I am asked for my age, because I am still stuck at replying I'm 21 but actually I'm turning 22 in a month. Age is really catching up LOLLOL reality is kinda tough to face sometimes HAHA

Now I'm back to worrying what to take for my 5th module, because I just got outbidded for one of my core mods. Argh. Maybe I should just stick with 4. Fixing timetable can be such a bitch haha.

To a great sem ahead xx

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