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So many things have happened over the past week and I'm glad I finally found the time and mood to be back here on my space to blog. This time round, it's going to be a review for a health snack box that was sent to me earlier this month by BoxGreen

Was supposed to have this post up earlier last week, but I haven't got to try out all the snacks that I was sent as well as I meant to bring this box out with me to a photoshoot to shoot some nicer photos but I had to cancel the shoot due to a rash outbreak on my face that day :( But I finally tried all the snacks sent to me (took me long enough, but I really took my time to savour these snacks because I wanted to be sure of what I'm going to pen down in my review, also because I didn't want to finish them so quickly!!) (: 

I'm not sure about you but I LOVE to snack. My mouth is perpetually hunting for food to chew/munch on even if I am NOT hungry and we all know that snacking isn't very healthy because it's just junk aka fats and all... So I was very happy when BoxGreen offered to send me a box one of their snack boxes to try! 

Here's a quick peek into what was packed in my BoxGreen:

4 packets of snacks that consists of nuts, berries and other fruits! First word that appeared in my head: HEALTHY. And they taste and are as healthy as it looks/sounds! I had my eyes set on the Rosemary Pistachios the moment I saw it because I LOVE pistachios!!!

I really like how all their snacks came packed in resealable bags, it's so much more convenient to bring it around with me when I'm out and I never have to worry about it lao hong-ing or spilling out in my bag. 

Now, on to my verdict on the snacks, in descending order (from my most fav to least fav):

1) Rosemary Pistachios
Ok I am biased because I LOVE PISTACHIOS and there is no way I am going to say pistachio is my least favorite here... LOL However, if you're not a nut lover, you can ignore this and read on below hahaha. The pistachios were really crunchy and even though salt is in the ingredient list, they were not salty at all! It tasted super natural to me and the shells were easy to remove (ok maybe this is the nut's problem but some pistachio shells are so hard to remove?!) I could smell a tinge of Rosemary when I open the packet every time but I couldn't really taste it in this one. So to be honest, this tasted just like any other packet of pistachios to me except that they were really crunchy and fresh!!! And I loved it regardless! 

Maybe I am biased about pistachios, so read on for my next favourite! hehe

2) Berry Dark in Here 
Ingredients: Dried Strawberries, Green Raisins & Dark Chocolate Buttons
"Even while eating in the dark, this combination of dried strawberries, dark chocolate, and raisins taste the same- pretty AWESOME" 
Can't agree more, but I didn't eat in the dark of course. This took me by surprise definitely, wasn't expecting myself to like this packet THIS much when I first saw it in the box. 

Dark Chocolate buttons: It didn't taste SUPER dark to me, like it wasn't overwhelmingly bitter and was very easy on my palate. Could easily finish all the buttons at one go for this. Can't say no to dark chocolates anyway!
Green Raisins: Never a fan of raisins because they always tasted too sweet for my liking. But good for me because the green raisins weren't too sweet, neither was it too dry, about just nice for me. Enough for me to continue eating but I am still not a convert for raisins yet haha
Dried Strawberries: Ok this was what made me had doubts about this packet when I first received the box. Because I know dark chocolate buttons can't get too bad, and my stand for raisins has been neutral at best but I was super scared the dried strawberries will be damn sour...!!! Plus it didn't even look that appetizing to begin with LOL c'mon look at this:
compared to pretty red fresh strawberries:

Hahaha okay I think you get what I mean!! Hence I was super duper afraid of trying the dried strawberries in this one and actually this is the packet I took the longest to open because I really dislike sour strawberries :( But all is good because they were not sour at all!!! And in fact very sweet! And it was also very juicy for a dried food that I immediately ate a second piece and had to stop myself from eating too much in case I finish all the dried strawberries before I can take enough photos of it for the review. 

I love strawberries very much but I always have this fear of buying sour strawberries when I'm at the supermarket. Am soooo glad the dried strawberries are sweet for this!! 

Now, I decided to put all 3 together into my mouth to see how it'd taste like...
I don't really know how to describe it in fact, but it did begin to taste a little sour when I combined both raisins and dried strawberry together (popped a few raisins because the strawberry was huge) but thankfully the dark chocolate helped to get rid of the sourness. Would prefer to eat the ingredients individually hehe :D

3) Tart and Tangy Appleberry
Ingredients: Apple bits & USA Cranberries

The first packet of snacks I opened actually, and brought it along with me to Kuala Lumpur a few weeks back to snack while I'm bored. Attracted to this packet at first sight because it's the only colourful looking one amongst the other 3 dull colored ones. 

Apple bits: Actually the apple bits tasted a little like Lover's Plum (情人梅) to me. The texture and taste was very similar so for those of you who likes lover's plum, you'd love this. I quite like lover's plum so no complains! That said, it means it didn't really taste like an apple lollol. I mean of course I wasn't expecting it to be crunchy like an apple but it tasted very similar to a plum, with the "aftertaste" of an apple. 
I, however, liked the cranberries a lot because it was sweet, chewy and sometimes crunchy for those pieces filled with lots of flesh to savour! Could really tell the cranberries were fresh (for dried food) in this. 
Eating both the apple bits and cranberry together was pretty addictive imo because both complemented each other well, especially with the crunch from the cranberry! Neither was it too sweet so thumbs up! (Eating them now as I'm typing this)

PS: my mum loved this too! 

4) Honey I'm Home! (such a cute name!)
Ingredients: Currants and Honey Almonds

This packet was surprisingly the least sweet of all (except the pistachios of course) and that's what I liked about this! I don't really like my snacks too sweet but I guess this is my least favourite if I had to choose (doesn't mean it is not yummy!) because I didn't like how the currants taste in this. The currants were a little too tasteless and I couldn't figure out what it exactly tastes like lol. But I love the honey almonds!!! Evidently, I love my nuts hehe

The honey almonds were very fragrant and the honey that was coated on top of the almonds wasn't overpowering, it really complemented the taste of almond which sometimes can be dry. Love it!!! Can I have an entire packet of honey almonds itself please??? LOL I don't think I can finish the currants in this packet though :( Just not to my personal liking! 

Having reviewed on how the 4 packets of healthy snacks from BoxGreen taste, I'm really thankful to have been sent this box of yummy healthy goodies! It made my snacking habit a lot healthier with the fresh dried fruits and yummy nuts, in contrast to tonnes of chocolates and chips. If I had to make a suggestion about what I've eaten, it'd probably be to include the nutrition table/label on the packaging (the daily dietary intake, amt of calories, fats, sugar in each serving etc) so that we can all be more aware of how much we are eating :) You know, because yummy snacks are always harder to stop eating...!(: 

BoxGreen actually delivers a different snack box monthly at only $19.90/month with FREE delivery!!! Which means, that's like 4 packets of yummy healthy snacks for $19.90 and it definitely is cheaper than most of the retailers out there that I've purchased from, plus it sends straight to your door step! And you get a little surprise figuring out what will come in your mail box every month! 

Now, the even better part of it? Quote "Xinlin50%" to enjoy 50% off your first box from BoxGreen! Yes you saw it right, 50% which makes it only $9.95 and this is definitely wayyyy cheaper than getting the snacks (if you can even find the same one) outside at shop fronts. It's time we all snack a little healthier in this festive season, and of course share the love and joy of being healthy with your family members as well! 

For more info, feel free to check out BoxGreen on their website, facebook and instagram (:
Thank you BoxGreen for keeping my tummy happy (:

Xin Lin

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