Rachel K CC Renew Cream +Pressed Powder Review + GIVEAWAY

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School's finally out for the week and just one more week to go before reading week and finals. It's been hell of a tiring week with submissions and all and I'm sure it's the case for most of us :(

Finally found the time to blog and this time it's going to be about the Rachel K CC Renew Cream / CC Renew Pressed Powder! Read on to know how to win yourself a set of these! :)

I received my first ever set (or maybe 3) of Rachel K cosmetics through the Tirisula Yoga 2 day workshop (read about it HERE!) because they were one of the sponsors and like many others who received it, it's like love at first sight for this product!!!

To be fair, this is the first CC product that I've gotten my hands on, so I can't make a comparison to another product, but I'll just say whatever I feel about this product after I've tried it! (about 2 weeks or so)

I received it in all 3 tones -- Very Light (similar to MAC's NW15 in pink undertone), Light (similar to NC20 in neutral undertone) and Medium (similar to NC30 in warm undertone) I'm using the medium tone one because well, I'm pretty tanned! Here's a quick swatch:

And for me, I use this product as a base and I pretty much only put the CC cream on days when I don't put sunblock to school/go out. For me, less is more. I go out bare faced most of the time (except with sunblock) so on the days I feel a little more shitty about my complexion and feels it needs some coverage, I guess this will be the product I turn to!

Here's my bare face (like don't even have sunblock on kind of bare!)

I have slightly uneven dull skin which is extremely sensitive (extremely eczema and rash prone!!!) So don't worry, Rachel K products are safe for sensitive skin people! I mean, (the following) photos can't lie right?

The swatch above was enough to apply for my entire face+ neck area and I like applying base/creams with my hands by simply patting/spreading them with my fingers.

And... I'm done. LOL (Look at the added slight glow + super even skin tone!!!)
I know my hall room is super messy, I immediately went to do my laundry after taking those photos!

Simple as it is, I love how I don't have to slab on layers of powder etc etc to achieve a flawless look! And fyi, I've worn this CC Cream to dance (6hours++) and it stays on perfectly fine! My face didn't even feel oily!

The coverage of the CC Cream is pretty sheer, nothing too thick/heavy and definitely not one that dries your skin or makes it greasy and oily! It smoothens my complexion, giving it a matte look with a slight healthy glow to it. (Never knew got products can like that one!)
You know products work when you can take extremely close up shots and they still don't reveal all those pores and blemishes. So here's an unglam one for you guys HAHAHA

Most of its ingredients are skin-care based and my favourite two parts about the cream will be that it has SPF35 ++ and it is non-comedogenic!!!

Having SPF in it means it serves as my sunblock as well when I use it as a makeup base! And it being non-comedogenic is quite self-explanatory-- I no longer have to worry about my pores getting clogged and stuff and I never ever buy products that are comedogenic btw!

As for its performance under the sun, I got it tested over the weekends when I worked for the Rugby7s event.

On my face I only had the Rachel K CC Renew Cream and Rachel K CC Renew Pressed Powder (+ eyeliner/eyebrows and lip tint) and I only had to touch up once for my 9hours of work! The Rachel K CC Renew Pressed Powder has SPF15++ as well so it works amazingly well for touching up ^^

The Rachel K CC Renew Cream

Btw, Rachel K is also the pioneering brand in CC Cream so I guess this in itself is enough to prove how good it is! The Rachel K CC Renew Cream is retailing on its website for USD$48 and the Pressed Powder for USD$42. It may sound slightly pricey to some of you but guess what? One lucky winner will get to walk away with a set of Rachel K CC Renew Cream + CC Renew Pressed Powder!!!

Here's how you can win:
1) Like "Tirisula Yoga" on Facebook HERE 
2) Like "Rachel K Cosmetics" on Facebook  HERE
3) Go to the album "Tirisula Yoga Ambassadorship Contestants" on Tirisula Yoga on FB and "LIKE" both Angeline (@sassyyogi) and my (@xinlinnn) photo!!!
4) Take a screenshot of you having "liked" the photos and pages and email your name and email to me (kxinlin93@gmail.com) with the title "Rachel K giveaway" !(: 

The reason why I've asked you guys to like both photos is because there's really nobody more deserving than Angeline herself to win the ambassadorship from Tirisula Yoga! Most of us have been showering our support for her in this contest and personally I'm really excited to see her start her journey into Yoga Teaching Training!! Liking my photo is just for the ease of facilitation of my friends/readers who wants to win the giveaway under my name! HAHA

Voting (i.e the "like") on FB ends 9th November so please do so now!! It's going to take less than 10 minutes of your time :) One lucky voter will be selected by me randomly and I'll announce the winner then!

Thank you Rachel K Cosmetics for generously sponsoring the products xx
To end this post, I shall post a photo of my favourite food:

The opening of Nakhon Kitchen at Pasir Panjang road is one of the best thing to have happened to me in my 3 years in NUS. I LOVE YOU NAKHON KITCHEN!!! (& YOUR TOM YUM)

Okay, till then! Rmb to vote!! hehe (:

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