RunwayAE Exclusive Sale x Inspirature Photography

2:55 PM

Hello!! Crazy weeks in school are finally over and I'm back!! ^^

Did a shoot with Inspirature Photography over the weekend and since I had some clothes I have yet to shoot beforehand, I brought them along and I'm so glad I did!!! The photos turned out so amazing :)

RunwayAE is currently adopting something new for their latest collection, instead of the standard shoots I'd usually do for them, she has kindly sponsored different bloggers (and me!) clothes from her upcoming collection and made this items EXCLUSIVE to their followers :) Simply put, it means you can only get the following shirt I am going to be posting at the following price when you quote my name! Read on for more details but here goes, the outfit details:

 Pocket Roll Up Shirt in Black

A very simple, plain long sleeved black shirt that comes with a functional left pocket and sleeves that can be buttoned up into three quarter sleeve. I love three quarters sleeved shirts (it's either sleeveless or three quarters for me!) hence that's how I shot the outfit in :) 

Paired it with a pair of white shorts for a more casual look, but I like how casual doesn't translate into sloppy here! The shirt is also extremely comfortable, its cotton material is lightweight (but not sheer) and extremely cooling (hate how chiffon materials just make me feel super warm!) I'd say, it's a perfect outfit for a casual day to dress to school!! Instead of the normal tanktop + denim shorts or the extremely sloppy school based shirt + FBTs worn by hall people (...) this outfit is super fuss free and it makes you look like you made the effort to dress up a little for school even though it is a simple shirt+shorts outfit!

Lay your hands on this shirt and I'm pretty sure it's a staple piece for most occasions! Basics that pull off any occasion are a MUST HAVE! Check out RunwayAE's instagram (@runwayae) for the specific measurements if you're interested ^^

To purchase, simply quote "Xinlin Exclusive" in the subject title and email to to reserve your piece. The price is $25 and is set by me to allow you guys to get the best offer without burning a big hole in your pocket hehe! 

Btw, I'm not obliged to blog for them but I just thought that it'd be good to show you guys more details of this shirt to help you all better decide :) hehe Also, many many thanks to Inspirature Photography for the wonderful photos. More to come!! :)

Before I end, congratulations to my boss running @RunwayAE on her wedding + honeymoon in advance! I'm so so happy for her!!! hehehe ^^

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