SNDC dating game

12:37 AM

School term has started and actually week 1 has already gone by! Hall life has resumed and I'm going to be blogging about my final year in hall as to make sure these memories stay with me next time :)

Well, so basically at the start of the semester, there's going to be this "dating game" that freshies and seniors alike have to participate in our hall. Basically, a freshie has to pick a senior from his/her own block respectively to date and well, just do nice things! It's not exactly asking us to go out on a date for real... it's all in the name of fun and getting to know people better! I mean, for my hall at least!

I remember when I was a freshie, I didn't really do much or decorate much of my date's door... like except putting up some "DATE ME" sign on his door and then buying him tons of food?!?! HAHAHA. Like make him breakfast and stuff. The scale of how much things you want to do is actl kinda dependent on what all your peers are doing, ie if someone decides to do something extremely upscale and spoil market, subsequently people will learn to do nicer things in return HAHA.

In year 2, I was extremely lucky!!! (I remember vaguely blogging about it but it's so long ago) Got an extremely upz (meaning enthusiastic and super effort!!) date who went all out -- drew me a big sign on the carpark loading bay, bought me Winnie the Pooh bedsheets, drew me a personalized mamut, composed a song for me on the actual dinner night itself. Of course, he won the best date!!! (Duh, really.. this can't be beaten easily HAHA)

This year, as it's my final year, I'm hoping to be able to end my dating game experience well! And my date's been doing great so far!!! (Anyway, we can't say yes so easily. Basically have to act hard to please) Decorated my room with colorful fairylights and got me honey bunches of oats with pooh!!! Really wonder what's going to be coming up next hehe ^^ (and hope that there's actl more to come so there can be a part 2!!!)

But anyway, for anyone who's boyfriend/girlfriend is in hall and have to play dating game, don't worry!!! It isn't for real and just for fun. Just like Angel and Mortal game just that it's not secretive :) Your girlfriend/boyfriend isn't out to cheat on you openly don't worry!!! (especially for the guys in NS, chill!) Well I can't speak for everyone but MOST people do it for fun la. :)

Till then!:)

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