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It's July and 2 months of vacation have already passed! Just left with one more month before it's school again for the last year ever but I kinda don't wanna go back to school already argh. Finally feels like I'm having a proper "school holiday" because I'm finally no longer tied down with commitments and can freely choose how I wanna spend my days. Besides work, I have complete freedom to choose what to do on what days and I can't even remember when's the last time I could do that. It's really quite an amazing feeling tbh even though the rest of July I'm gonna be having hall dance pracs again~

So sometime last weekend, I managed to make a trip down to the 2 Degree Ice Art Exhibition on its 2nd last day in Singapore! It was a little crowded for it was a weekend, and freezing cold as hell ( I can't stand the cold at all!) but honestly, there was nothing much to see 'cause it was actually a pretty small place but it's a company that matters :) And the playground was pretty fun! hehehe. Gonna let the photos do the talking :)

Was a really well spent Saturday afternoon being away from the scorching hot weather outside...!!! We walked along the Marina Bay area and caught a small glimpse of the NDP parade rehearsal.

OOTD, dress c/o Runwayae
In my ever sturdy pair of heels that I got off Qoo10 for only about SGD15?!?! Been wearing this for over a year and it's the only pair that doesn't hurt my feet!! Who says cheap shoes can't be comfy! ( I'm just lucky la I know hehe)

Hehe we also headed over to try Kin Kin chilli Pan Mee for the first time ever!!! It was really good and I love the chilli and the big crunchy ikan bilis. Really, I can never survive eating ban mian without LOTS of ikan bilis... hehehe but actually the serving was kinda small for us and we were not full at all :( So, I suggested that we head over to Creamier for desserts!!

YAY!! It's been really long since I last had Creamier hehe and since we were still hungry, we had waffles each to ourselves yay!

So that was a weekend spent with the bf and it felt really long since we went on a proper full day out :(

Well, other than that life has just been about work, work and work... Omg some days it can get really boring when there're no customers I'll just rot my day away. Feels really unhealthy and unproductive so the only day I look forward to is PAY DAY, which is coming really soon!!:) hehe Also, paid my first trip to Gardens by The Bay for a shoot for Runwayae last week, and it was sooooooo hot.

Few of my fav shots from there and I think all my efforts on whitening went to waste after. HAHA. Dear sun, please show me some mercy please!!!!

I'm currently waiting for CORS to update its timetable for 14/15 Sem 1 with its complete module listing. But it hasn't updated :( Really wanna plan my timetable for next semester already and I'm actually thinking of going on a quick getaway during sem time on a less busy week hehe. Really hate it when everyday I go into CORS and they haven't updated the schedule!!! So so frustrating lol

Well, that's pretty much how my life has been. Really uninteresting la HAHA it's like work takes up 90% of the time and I spend 5% for the bf and the remaining 5% for family and friends. Ate steamboat/bbq 3 times in the past two weeks too HAHAHA Gonna abstain from steamboat/bbq for awhile now...
Recently, I've posted another guest post for Love Out Loud Asia (LOLA)! This time, I briefly blogged on the topic of "Why do girls like guys with money". Guess this is quite an obvious trend us teenagers/young adults in our dating years find and while this isn't entirely conclusive or fully substantial for exactly why, this is roughly my take on it!

The article is also available HERE

“I want to be a tai-tai.”

 I’m sure we’re guilty for making this statement at least once when asked by our friends/relatives/whoever. Well, at least I am definitely guilty as charged. But after I grew older and really begin to have a proper ambition for myself (and not a job that is living off my husband), I became more and more puzzled about what is so socially admirable and acceptable about being a “tai-tai”.

Why is it that, my romantic relationship is only “ideal” and “perfect” if I could date a guy who is rich?

 Money provides a “sense of security”

 Some girls may argue that money provides them a sense of security, especially when everything in Singapore (and many other developed cities) is about money. Dating a rich guy gives the girl a sense of security, for she doesn’t have to worry who will foot the bill and pay for her endless shopping loots. She feels secure having a personal ATM around and having unlimited purchasing power. She no longer have money woes and neither does she have to queue to withdraw cash.

 The cost of dating a rich guy is zero, and even comes with lots of tangible benefits. So, why not?

 Increases her social status

 Most importantly, dating a rich guy instantaneously raises the girl’s social status, and she has lots of “face” when he tags along at gatherings. Girls love compliments, and what could be more flattering than hearing everyone being envious of your “rich boyfriend” and that you are “so capable to get a rich boyfriend”. She gets promoted from zero to hero immediately, especially so if she’s the only girl in the social circle to date a rich guy.

 All the limelight’s on her and she is suddenly superior and “respected”, all by simply dating a rich guy. 

 And all she needs to have that bit more “face” is simply having her boyfriend offer to foot the bill for all her friends, because that few hundreds doesn’t matter to him “as long as you’re happy”, driving all her friends further up the wall wishing they were just “as lucky”. What a wonderful depiction of life that would be, isn’t it?

 When did romanticism come with a price tag? 

 It is truly sad to see how relationships these days are only enviable if one could afford the best of luxuries and lead an extravagant lifestyle. It is even more disheartening to know that wealth is a pre-requisite for majority of girls when they look for their romantic partners.

 Girls’ notion of happiness has been blinded by the pursuit of a “perfect” relationship, where happiness and wealth co-exists. But often times we forget reality is never perfect, and love should not only be simply expressed through monetary means.

 Wealth should never be a pre-requisite, but a bonus.

 It is okay to like guys with money, I mean we all do. Nobody dislikes money. But do not love someone only if they are wealthy. Love a man who is rich with knowledge, love, wisdom and empathy and not just rich with money.

 Do not find a man who has nothing to offer but his wealth, but a man who has everything to offer when he is poor.


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