Bangkok Trip: Shopping!

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Here comes the post that I myself am so excited to blog about as well!!! (Sorry this came quite late cos I was sick + working till late almost everyday sobs)

To prep you guys up for this post, if you haven't seen it on my instagram, here's 70% of my loot from BKK (from Day 1 to Day 4, excluding Day5)

Day 5 was another +20 pieces of clothings LOL

Shopping for: Bags
The best place to shop for bags, imo is Chatuchak Weekend Market. Even though many of the shops carry fake and imitations, there are shops selling normal leather totes/slings/handbags/backpacks for 150-199Baht! Thats like $6-$8 in SGD! Besides the (faux) leather kind, they also have canvas tote bags at the same prices. The only thing is, you have to search for these vendors amongst the other 1000000 vendors in the scorching hot weather in Chatuchak. And I really do mean it's like finding treasure in a maze. Me and Sylvia initially thought we won't be able to buy any bags this trip cos everything we saw that was nice was so ex! Bought all my bags in Chatuchak! (larger ones just perfect for school to dump everything in!) (Also got my iphone casings here for 70 Baht)

Feeling so so roasted after just 3 hours in Chatuchak :(

Other places:
Platinum Fashion Mall Zone 3. Really pretty bags here BUT the prices are just so marked up! I wouldn't pay 890Baht for a handbag (~$35) if I can get it at about the same price in SG!

Union Mall: Slightly cheaper at about 450-590Baht. But I didn't buy any because Syland I refused to buy anything above 300Baht in Bangkok HAHAHA

Shopping for: Shoes
Personal favourite: Union Mall!
Union Mall took me by surprise because I wasn't expecting to find anything dirt cheap since it is a shopping mall. Heard that the mall is actually quite popular amongst students and true enough, we did see quite a lot of students there! Level 3 is like FULL OF SHOES and I bought like 3 pairs of shoes from here. A pair of wedges for 150Baht, flats for 250 Baht and a pair of platforms for 290 Baht. That's like $7, $10 and $12-ish respectively! Lots and lots of shoes variety and the prices are definitely way more pocket friendly than Platinum! The same shoes going here at about half the price in Platinum for some designs even.

Chatuchak Weekend Market is the place to buy sandals! Bought two pairs at 199Baht each. Super happy buys since I am an avid sandals wearer HAHA and my sandals which I wore to Bangkok was dying from all the walking.

Bought a pair of sandals for 120Baht from Platinum, quite comfortable but it hurts my big toe a little after walking for too long. Well I can't expect much for a cheap pair of sandals, can I? Also bought a pair of loafers for 249Baht which was one of the cheapest pair of shoes in Platinum already! But just like bags, the owners will mark up the prices once they see you're a tourist. And it's like ridiculous because they can be quite hostile and don't let you bargain! (But well, the shoes in Platinum was of course nicer in general)

Shopping for: Clothes!
OOTD on my second day in BKK. I only brought one set of clothes to Bangkok which was what I wore on the first day on the plane HAHA so I had to buy smth LOL Basic white top for 100 Baht and Midi skirt for 150Baht I think.

Personal favourite: Pratunam Morning Market (5am-9am)
This place is mad love and the place I sacrificed so much sleep for! Syl and I woke up at like 5am-ish for three of the mornings just to shop!!! Thankfully the market was located just a 3minute walk from our hotel, it's just simply a left turn HAHA. On the first two days we were still quite scared of getting lost so we got the guys to get up and bring us down HAHA (who even went to get us breakfast omg so blessed with great caring friends) but on the last morning we decided we were smart enough to navigate around so we were totally independent shoppers HEHEHE.

The place was soooo huge! It really took us 3 days to finish the whole areas and even though 50% of the shops are selling the same clothes, they could be same design made from different material, quoted different prices and the willingness of the vendors to bargain with you. We walked deep into the alleys (and combed every single alley hahaha) and here were all the hidden gems! Good material clothings all under SGD$10. (rmb we didn't buy anything above 300Baht!!) Bought this basic tank which I dirtied and couldn't wash off in Singapore for SGD$10 and got it there for only 70Baht!! (less than $3) So I bought it in 3 colours HAHAHA One can never go wrong with basics anyway! (And I wear basics on most days)

Well but there was also one terrible incident in which the shop owner was like putting in the light bulb to the shop and the LIGHT BULB BURST. AND IT WAS SOOOOO FUCKING LOUD I thought I was gonna go deaf?! Like my ear hurt for like the next few hours and was so damn numb. And the glass from the light bulb shattered on my shoulders... I was so pissed off omg... But I still bought clothes there. LOL #nothingstopsus

I also bought ridiculously lots of sleeping shorts because I love wearing sleeping shorts to sleep or just casually at home instead of like FBTs. And they have such cute designs! Bought it at 3 for 180Baht at the stall just before the overhead bridge to Platinum Mall :)

Platinum Fashion Mall
Guess everyone probably heard about this place before and tbh there's really super lots of clothes and accessories here!!! Clothes here range around 200Baht onwards? Whereas the same ones (same good quality material too) is half the price at the market if you actually search deep enough. But still, the mall carry some pieces that the market doesn't have and that's when you can buy it! I bought my most expensive piece of clothing here, which was a denim jacket for 300Baht LOL Almost busted the promise to self about not buying anything more than 300Baht man. Because everywhere I went (even market) quoted me 300-350Baht for the denim jacket and it was the last day so yeah, just finish my Baht la HAHA. Bought accessories from Level 5 (accessories heaven!) all at 100Baht though (around 4SGD) Of course there were more expensive ones but hey, do not buy stuff that you can get in Singapore for the same price!!! (advice from the  #Aunty hahaha)

Union Mall
One thing I LOVE most about Union Mall is that most of the shops here allow you to try the clothes!!! And the prices are the same as Platinum. But no bargaining lah... hahaha but still, I wouldn't mind paying a little more to try and make sure it fits me and it's a material I like! :)

Also, there is this roadside stall where you can buy customized passport cover (100Baht) /pouches (100Baht) or Laptop Case (200Baht)!!! Lots of tourists and mainly Singaporeans there when I went. The vendor is there from idk what time onwards, but it's a night roadside stall! Located outside of Paladium Shopping Center (the one opp Platinum!) I'm a sucker for customized stuff so this was my heaven and I bought like 2 passport covers, 2 pouches and 1 laptop case (560Baht total/ ~SGD22) hehe :)

Yupp so basically these were the places I went to shop. Of course, there were the big shopping malls like Siam Paragon, Siam Discovery, MBK, Terminal 21 etc. But we didn't really shop there because we were more of looking for cheap and good buys :) I'd say the morning market is my favourite place to shop! As evidently, nothing else will be able to make me wake up at 5am willingly for 3 consecutive days. HAHAHA.

Really enjoyed the trip and Bangkok! So gonna save up and go back there again someday :)

Ending my post with a photo of a few of us before our Thai Massage! Hehehe the best way to end a day of shopping :)

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