Revival & the end of Summer

1:49 AM

I know I've disappeared for a good 2 months+ and so many things have happened since then. Like really way too much but thankfully everything is finally settling itself down. School has also started officially and in fact it's already Week 3!

I actually spent the entire of my Summer vacation on Rag. From auditions, to practices, to admin, vettings, rehearsals and the actual rag day itself, I'm so glad to have been part of KRaSHers rag 13/14 :-) Being able to work with awesome partners who really made the whole journey so much more of a bearable and enjoyable one ^^ Not to mention we're blessed with a bunch of really enthusiatic dancers, seniors and freshies alike (: There were hiccups along the way but I'm pretty I'll be able to look back at my rag experience and not regret a single bit in the future! :) So glad it happened :D

My beautiful witches! :)

Their magical moment ((':

(PS I koped all these photos from facebook hehehe thanks for covering the event both kr and sheares media/photocomm!!)

Rag aside, the other events that happened during the Summer vacation also taught me many new things and made me realize what is it that I should really treasure in my life as of now. And I'm really satisfied with what I'm blessed with right now and would not settle for anything less (:

Since school has started, I've been waking up real early because my timetable is like... all 9am! For those who know me, my body clock refuses to get up anytime before 12 noon on any day. And I'm so amazed that I've been punctual for my lessons for the past fortnight :D Totally think I deserve a pat on my back! Hehe. On the other hand, it feels really weird to be a senior in hall now. Like all of a sudden, I feel really old. I have no energy or motivation to drag myself out of my room to socialise or mingle around LOL I just wanna stay in my room the moment I get back and die on my bed (it happens every other day) ...

Gonna be busy with auditions for Sheares dance this upcoming week but thankfully I managed to catch up with a couple of friends over the past two weeks before tutorials started and my timetable was still quite chill! Always enjoy catching up with old friends over a meal and I'm so thankful to have them in my life and we're still in contact :)

I hope the next time I'm gonna be updating this space will be soon HAHAHA. I'll really try not to let this space die!!!
 Bye!! ^^

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