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5:22 PM

School has started and am now currently into the 2nd Semester in academic year 1. The best part about uni that I've realised so far, is that every semester really marks a new beginning. No worries about all the stupid retarded modules that have haunted you. Well, okay... maybe CAP will haunt you but haha nvm.

Always enjoy the first 2 weeks of school because it's just lectures and no tutorials! School just seem like I woke up and went for a really long breakfast sometimes, albeit it being a little hard to digest. But I've decided to wake up my idea and really start studying after an entire semester of chillaxing last sem. In fact, I'm here to blog because I got bored beyond words after finishing a set of readings but refuse to settle for a nap in this overly perfect weather.

I must be more disciplined.

 Just last week, just the Sunday before school reopened, met up with the clique for lunch and to celebrate Melvin's 20th birthday.

(Extremely unkempt hair because I didn't bother to trim my fringe which was at an awkward length. But have thus snipped it off myself out of boredom on a random night in hall)

And just last Tuesday as well was IHG Road Relay! My first sport in my life ever and LOL even though I didn't run but am immensely grateful to have joined a sport (: Best part about staying in hall is that most sports are uncompetitive (for Sheares at least) and welcome all to try. There's no pressure to win or whatever. Really glad for the experience and the people that I've met. Both the girls team and the guys team!

But I still conclude I'm not a sports person HAHAHA.

All in all, it was a really priceless experience for me and I'll remember it! :D

Chingay is also upcoming next in the calendar! All the hype over Chingay every year... Remember how I just started out watching all my friends/juniors rehearsing to dancing Ta-ge with HCCD and then this year, choreo-ing with hall-mates for our hall :) The journey is coming to an end and I hope and know this will be fruitful as well (:

That being said, I haven't been home for 2 weeks D: Schedule is so freaking hell packed that I'm just stuck in hall everyday. Sounding really stupid but I really miss home. I love my personal space here but I miss my personal space at home too! Feeling a little too lack of family love recently, and even J is in Taiwan for army now D:

Alright, I guess this update has kinda summarized what my life is up to recently... Basically school and dance. I mean it has been revolving around these since I-dont-know-when!

Extremely looking forward to going home and CHINESE NEW YEAR!
Turning into the Big 2 this year on the 3rd day of CNY, can someone pls hint my relatives to pack more ringgit into my angpao? HAHA (I celebrate CNY in msia every yr!)

Till then!

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