Trust the voice within

4:49 PM

I'm back once again to revive my semi dead space, as always. 

Life has been moving on well, and I feel like I'm finally growing up in some sense. So many things have happened and I wished I had more photos to like add on to this post. The laziness that has been overtaking myself and the lack of photos thereafter clearly explains why I'm not updating as frequently. #notanexcuse

So, more than half a semester into uni has passed by and I feel like, school barely started. It's quite funny how I find it funny when everyone else is just panicking like crazy over their assignments and tests and presentations but I'm just sitting down here, taking my own sweet time doing my own stuff, mainly the things that I like. LOL. Not that I'm a slacker, I'm just trying to enjoy myself while I still can (: 

Probably one of the highlights of my past month, besides lousy midterm results which I don't really care about (there's really more to life than just results, results and then crying over your results) will be participating in my first run!(: Signed up for Nike 10K run which took place last Sunday (: It felt really good running with your friends and completing the run together (: & thus a very good first experience for me! hehe^^

Besides that, school has been the same, but I'm pretty glad I still manage to fork time out to meet some of my friends (: Hope everyone is really surviving well in their new environments, esp those who've flown thousands of miles away for their uni life :( 

The past month has taught me so much about life, seriously. Events that have happened, things can be really unpredictable and life is really fragile at times. It wasn't easy to cope with but friend, I'm sure you've taught so many of us, in fact I bet all your friends around you to treasure the people around us and the life that we lead. Every minute we spent alive and kicking is indeed a blessing granted to us (: All of us will be rooting for you all the way, and we will all be waiting eagerly for the day you recover alright (: I know chances of you reading this is probably reduced to zilch now, but I just wanna pen down some thoughts here, because that's what you've taught me (: Keep going strong, don't ever give up because none of us will give up on you :)

& just yesterday night, Mrs Chong gave birth to baby chong! ^^ The birth of a new life, and I really can't wait to see baby chong irl (: Feeling really really happy for the Chongs for embarking on their new journey in life(: 

Have been finding and enjoying the time I get to spend with myself recently, and just around a group of few comfortable friends. Get to think through so much about life and I feel like I'm such a happy person now. It's always good to rid off the negative thoughts and just embrace optimism(: Loving my personal space in hall, where most of the time I'm just sleeping because it's just too cozy. But a side note, finals are just a month away and then sem 1 will come to a closure. Time is passing too quickly because it means 2012 is ending! & I'm like whutttt, this can't be true. It feels like it's just March :( 

But just before I end my post, here's a section of the lyrics to my current favourite song which I felt is really meaningful. Quite an old song but I can totally relate to it so much esp after a month of ups and downs. 

"When there's no one else, look inside yourself
Like your oldest friend, just trust the voice within
Then you'll find the strength that will guide your way
You'll learn to begin to trust the voice within"

-The Voice Within, Christina Aguilera 

hehe I guess that's all for now! Will definitely update this space more often (: All the best to those taking O levels now, A levels soon and everyone else who's schooling!(:

& yeap, just drop me a question at my formspring if you wanna ask me anything! I've revived it(:
PS: just realised I forgot to blog about social night but ok, I haven't uploaded the photos so next time k HAHAHA I'm so lazy I can't even.....


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