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HELLO ALL I'M BACK. Okay this took me quite awhile to be back here at my blog here typing a post but I CERTAINLY ENJOYED MY LIFE TO THE MAX WHILE I WAS AWAY.

Just right where I stopped blogging the other time, couldn't really recall what followed the week after except that on one of the Fridays, after the first HC Dance Night (refused to call it SWAG because omgwtf kind of name is that for a dance night name?!?! Can't we have smth more... artistic instead of using a trending word to pull ourselves off as cool...) vetting, we went for supper where we ate a REAL LOT. (Zoe, Me, Teoying)

Sometimes I still find myself a little bit crazy for doing the Alumni item. I mean it's a lil crazy knowing how much I never want to go back to hc anymore LOLLOLLOL I guess sometimes passion can really make one make sacrifices huh... Back to the supper thing, we went to Upp Thomsom and our first stop was Salted Caramel. Had the undefeatable Horlicks Tim Tam(!!) & another flavour which i can't remember...

Hopped next door for Udders next, where I met this girl who was from the same AC interview batch as I am but she's working at Udders instead. Small world indeed, but certainly nice to bump into familiar faces :-) Actl the main point of our supper trip was to go try out Udders, which opened right smack next to Salted Caramel at Upp Thomsom LOL. MY VOTE GOES TO SALTED CARAMEL!!!

Third stop was Roti Prata House for CHICKEN FLOSS PRATA. Boy it was damn good please. Got to know of this gem from the previous time I had it with Charis, SY & JK and totally fell in love with it... $4 goodness, rather pricey but well, it was shared among 3 of us!

Last stop was Rochor Beancurd. I just have and MUST go there everytime I'm there. Mad fan of beancurd please. After trying all the cold beancurds like LAOBAN, Yummisoy, UU douhua and stuff, I still crave for these traditional beancurds!! (Beancurd City still win anytime though)

Craziest part was we were done with all the food within 1 hour. 1 HOUR!!! LOL
Well, following after which was from 23rd-27th April, I HAD MY GREAT & AWESOME SHORT GETAWAY TO TAIWAN with Zoe & Yujia!!! Seriously had an awesome time there just getting away from all the worries/jobs/uni apps and stuff.


After returning to Singapore, HECTIC LIFE RETURNS IMMEDIATELY. Could remember the moment I reached home I started sewing my dance night costume all the way till 430AM and went for dry run/photoshoot/alumni prac on saturday and then me and Teoying (3 men team reduced to 2) decided to attack the yummy food at Upp Thomsom again! Our plan is to try out all the dessert stores there HAHA.

This time round our first stop was Meng's Kitchen for Bar Chor Mee! Then we proceeded on for our Ice Cream hunt HAHA.

Hopped over to Scoopz first and it's relatively empty compared to Salted & Udders. Prices were lower too and of course, taste wasn't as good. But still satisfactory prolly cos its prices are super pocket friendly! 2 scoops for $3.90 only ^^

Then Teoying told me about this ice cream shop that uses brown rice to make their ice cream?? Tried to find the shop cos it wasn't along the main street so we decided to GOOGLE MAP our way there HAHAHA. Found the shop & OMG!! I TOTALLY LOVE THEIR WAFFLES! Partly cos I don't like milk and there's like no milk in their ice cream and waffles I think. Seriously I think it is now ranked above Salted Caramel to me... OK I REALISED I haven't stated the shop name yet! It's called BROWNICE!!!! ;-) Really really liked it, but we only tried one flavour. Gonna go back and try again, hopefully the other flavours aren't too disappointing!

Then last stop is ROCHOR BEANCURD (again) haha and Amanda chia joined us ;) There's still about like 3 or 4 more ice cream parlours we haven't tried out at Upp Thomsom yet!! & so many food places. hehehe. Only reached home at like midnight that day (Can you imagine how tiring it is because it's like non stop since I returned from taiwan T-T and then Sunday was SHHK somemore!!)

Anyway while I was away in Taiwan, both my Acceptance Letters from NUS & NTU came in the snail mail box ^^ Happy girl I am and I am pretty much excited to start uni life! :)

Met Russel for lunch on Monday before work, also got him a slice of cake since it was his birthday! Haven't gotten him a proper present yet :-/ But we met super joke people at Macs who just randomly wished him happy birthday HAHAHA. After work went to eat ice cream chef with Eileen! (OMG I'M LIKE ON AN ICE CREAM TOUR LA HAHAHA) Labour day on Tuesday as well as Papa's birthday so we had family dinner at Sakura Int'l which was good, but I couldn't enjoy it as much as I wanted to due to TOM & the infamous cramps!!! Met Peishi on Weds and just walked around town and nua-ed before pointe class and Thurs, had ikea lunch and watched Avengers with Jabez! Okay surprisingly Avengers wasn't that bad... considering the fact I'm not an action movie person. HAHA. Was a great day and omg he's like enlisting next week.... :'-(

I guess my life is pretty great now besides the fact that I wished I had more money and could travel all over the world before starting uni life.... I could really get used to the life right now! HAHA. Once again, can't wait for PAY DAY!

Guess I should sleep now, taiwan post up next and more photos too! GOODNIGHT ALL ^^

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