Results Day

4:17 AM

I know many of you have been waiting for my update.

But sad to say, I have no good news for you. In fact, I only have very bad news. Yeah, you see the top scholars on newspaper from hc, you see news report all about hc. But trust me, that's just those few. Of course there's this 600+ people who got 3A or more, but there's also this other 600+ people who sank into a sea of tears and disappointment yesterday afternoon.

Yes, I was one of them.

To be honest, I did nothing close to fantastic. Not even near good. But I was pretty contented, for all but 1 subject. I felt that it was fine even if i didnt get A or something, but just never did it cross my mind i'd do so badly for my best and favourite subject. And that moment when I saw the grade, I just broke down... reality could get this hard to accept sometimes. The only thing I could do was to console myself that I was running a high fever during the paper and I tried my best... so i guess it was all fated. The results and all are fixed and there's no way to change it.

It's funny how from the moment I received my results till about 10pm I receive about 30 text msgs asking me about results and commenting "HUH HOW BAD CAN YOUR BAD GET" -- nobody really believe it was bad till i told them the exact grades.

My kind of grades, go to any neighbourhood jc(NOT JUDGING, NOR STEREOTYPING) also hard to find sia. But this year hc got alot. LOL. it's a huge disparity... Well I'm really happy for my friends who did extremely well, but things hasn't been too pleasant over at S68's side... well i just hope my classmates will pick themselves up from this and move on :) (myself included)

After today's results it made me truly wonder, is hc's reputation merely glorified by the people who takes up 12 and 13 AU? It really seems like it today. Everyone's behavior and feelings well suit my feelings in school EVERYDAY. At least ppl finally know how shitty it feels like for me in sch daily..It's still kinda hard for me to face ppl from other schools esp when they begin the stereotyping of "how bad can hc do"

& I'll be like, PLEASE GIMME A BREAK??:(  As though life doesnt feel miserable enough already.

Wonder where I'll go to and end up in the end. But nevertheless, I'm super thankful for my hc teachers. I never unds the feelings of being a teacher until you became one. Even though I may not be their most outstanding student, but they have given me alot of motivation and listening to me whine and complain so much about the school and all everytime I'm unhappy. The faith they've placed in me made me want to go on. & most importantly thank you my family for being happy about my lousy results alr :)

Ok i guess im gonna catch some sleep. see ya all at smu open hse tmr if i do!

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